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It seems everyone was complaining today about how cold it was outdoors.  Even though the temps were up in the 50’s, the dampness made it feel much colder.  The way the sky appeared in the west, made me think of snow clouds.  I have to admit, the remainder of the afternoon was so gray, our landscape appeared almost surrealistic.  For the many reasons, I still believe October has felt more like November since the beginning of this month.

I spoke with several farmers today and was delighted to hear that they both have all their beans out, and now starting to pick corn.  You may think me being overly-concerned about North Iowa’s crops, but we must remember that agriculture contributes a great deal to our economy, so if our farmers are hurting, then in one way or another, our commerce will also be affected in a bad way.

Late this morning I took a quick drive up to Manly to get a radical price reduction on my listing located at 115 W. North.  After much debate, the owners decided to drop the price on their home to the bargain basement price of $15K along with insisting there’s going to now be no wiggle room in the price.  There’s no question in my mind that it’s well worth that amount and more, but the sellers have their minds set on being moved out of North Iowa before winter arrives.  Yes, it needs to have that old gravity furnace replaced with a new high efficiency one, and yes there are projects that were started but not finished, but stepping back and looking at the whole picture, there’ve been more things updated than not.   I must also mention it’s got a good foundation, and located in Manly’s popular side of town.

More than the average part of my day was spent on follow-up emails and deep research on current movements in our housing market.  Believe it or not, there are subtle changes in trends to where most don’t notice it until it’s fully blown.  Since increasing my online exposure last week, I’ve also noticed more calls and inquiries.  When I finally decided I’d gained enough understanding of today’s real estate market, I looked up and realized it was already starting to get dark outdoors.

Earlier this morning I went out and placed my public open house sign at 434 – 23rd St. SW which I’ll be hosting open this Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.  Even though we haven’t had it listed very long, I’m still in a bit of shock we haven’t had an offer on it.  Yes, it needs some cosmetic work, but the location and square-footage alone should have had it sold considering it having been initially priced to sell at $105,500.  I’ll be sure to point out to those in attendance, there being more than enough room in the kitchen to add a full-sized washer and dryer in a closet that’s already there, yet not disturb the functionality of its kitchen/dining area.

There are three key features to this home that buyers have to understand, and those are:  The basement is a blank canvas that’s ready for an additional living space build-out, its lot size is big enough for another stall to be added to its single garage, and lastly, the beautiful stone fireplace in the living room could either remain wood burning, or be converted to gas, and as a footnote, the home’s vinyl siding is a relatively new improvement.

Over the noon hour I was given a tour by the owners of a home I’ve always admired from the street.  Without a question, I was “wowed” by its size, quality, design and appeal, and over-all condition.  When walking out I couldn’t have thanked them enough for the showing while wishing them all the more years of happiness in their lovely home.

On my way back to the office, I got caught by a red light on one of our four-way highways, and when looking to my right, I noticed an elderly lady busy texting on her cellphone.  When the light turned green I drove forward, while her car sat there as she continued granny texting until the driver behind her started honking his horn.  That was just one more dangerous example of people paying too much attention to their social medias instead of their driving.

The above photo is another one of the many I purchased last Saturday which I thought appropriate after speaking about how tastes change over the years.  I’m sure it must’ve been a shot taken not long after the turn of the century.  Wooden rockers were definitely in style at the time, and of course I fully appreciate their love of natural light.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Before we acquire great power, we must acquire wisdom to use it well.

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