A Game of Pool?

It actually got above 60 degrees today and the sun was even shining!  Thank goodness for small miracles, and while I was out on appointments, I noticed a great number of people working in their yards.  It’s no wonder they were due to the endless days of rain that just wouldn’t stop.  I’m hoping and praying these warmer days and wind will help dry the fields and crops out enough so our area farmers can get busy in their fields.  Here it is the 16th of October and there’s still many fields of soybeans that’ve not yet been harvested.

Not much was happening in real estate other than getting my little jobs performed with several of my listings that’ve already sold.  One long phone conversation was with a prospective buyer which centered around my listing at 321 S. Carolina.  Unless you’ve lived here nearly all your life, you wouldn’t know how popular the River Heights area has been all these years.  I mentioned that even during our two major real estate slumps, that area has always sold well.  I endearingly call it the “hill district” because if you really pay attention, when driving there, you’ll notice that River Heights is actually situated on high ground, which is why it’s uncommon to find homes up there with chronic water problems.  When walking thru it again today, I was again marveled by its quality of construction.  Too bad the person who built it isn’t alive today, because I would seek him out and pat him on the back while saying, “You created a builder’s work of art, and I bless you for it”

A condominium complex I spoke about was Penn Tower which is yet another exceptionally well built structure.  Most people don’t realize that it was built by Herb Kennedy who put his heart and soul in that project.  What the gentleman I was talking to this morning didn’t know, is that 361 S. Pennsylvania Ave. was built with re-enforced concrete floors on all three levels.  The question posed, was is if the interior walls in the unit I have listed could be moved, and my answer was, “I would check out the plans at City Hall to confirm, but I would see no reason why not, as long as they’re walls within the unit.”  Since my Saturday public open house this past Saturday, there’s been renewed interest in that unit.

Early this morning, and again late this afternoon I entered into conversations with several clients regarding these smear campaigns that are in the news on a near daily basis which have been completely lacking in decorum.  It’s happening on our Local, State, and National levels to where it just makes me want to encourage everyone to intentionally vote with write-ins on seats that are up for grabs where both parties have crossed lines of decency.  Mud slinging is for naughty elementary school children that should always stay out on their playgrounds, and most certainly not for adults who know better.  As far as I’m concerned, when such craziness takes place, I believe neither party’s candidate is worthy of being elected.  Considering how low the bars have been dropped in our election process, I’d say it’s time for our level-headed silent majority voters to start rejecting such hurtful forms of campaigning.

I’ve done some research and then visiting with a marketing group today, and now pretty much decided to broaden the advertising I do for my existing clients.  We all know that in today’s world, we have to go with what the general public looks for when shopping for homes.  I’ll be closing watching our future month’s activity while remaining hopeful my decision was warranted.

The above photo is of the lower-level of 1141 – 14th St. SE here in Mason City.  I thought I’d share this one tonight just so all of you can imagine how exceptionally well the owners did their basement’s build-out.  Most homes have only one area of recreation, but this one has two.  The first being the regular bar/rec/entertainment area, and the second is the pool room which is huge!  And to make matters even better, there are two more bedrooms with egress windows and a full bath down there.  You could easily consider that lower level a home within a home.  Anyone up for a game pool?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  It’s difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.

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