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As suspected, today was one of those Friday’s were I seemed to be meeting myself coming and going.  But again, I’m glad for it because I have a whole lot of catching up to do with office sales.  Up until about mid-July, sales for my office haven’t been as note-worthy as they’ve been in past years, but suddenly for some reason, things have markedly changed for the better, and you can be sure I’ll be working to keep it that way.  There’s nothing that’s changed from last year other than several very naughty monkey tenants talking smack about me which is absolutely not true.

Earlier today, I mentioned in conversation how all the more people in society consider themselves victims to their own self-made situations, and nearly always place the blame on everyone except themselves.  Because I wouldn’t back down after one of those tenants decided to take the “victim” approach with me after being confronted about neglect and damage, I was informed that I’d be talked about in very bad ways to co-workers in one of our larger centers of employment.  So instead of being responsible and taking ownership of failures, the table was turned and I became the bad guy.  I’m continuing to send it out into the universe and leave karma to settle the score.

It looks like 40 Lakeview Drive finally went under contract today, and as far as I’m concerned, it sold for a very fair price.  Being fully aware of the history of that home, I’ll always be a bit envious of the floor plan, as well as its top drawer location.  I only hope the buyers will continue on with the current owners’ loving stewardship of that well-built home.  It’s likely there won’t be another one similar coming on the market at the lake-side anytime soon.  For sure, I’m going to set aside a personal hour some day before it sells, and perch myself on its dock so to quietly absorb Lake Cona Toma’s wholeness.

One of my colleagues just recently gave me an ear-full of recent happenings in our world of real estate.  After I got off the phone, I felt like turning into that popular statue of the three monkeys standing side-by-side with the caption, “I see no evil, I hear no evil, and I speak no evil.”  And I thought yours truly had some trying situations which put me to a few tests, but after hearing those stories, I considered myself fortunate in not having been dragged into such extended turmoils.  I should start congratulating myself all the more for working to steer clear of such sweeping pendulums of emotion.  Just yesterday I made sure not to engage in conversation with someone who some weeks ago made an unwarranted comment to me while walking past my office as I was engrossed in my sweeping of Locust leaves out to the curb.  I’ll never understand how some think they have the license to talk to others in such fashions.  The best recourse is to simply ignore them and leave them to their own pathetic lives of desperation.

This afternoon I listed the home I spoke about earlier this week which is located at 305 W. North Street in Manly.  After taking another good look at it, I’m convinced it offers all the more bang for the buck.  First and foremost, it has an abundance of square footage you’ll likely not find elsewhere in its price range.  As far as features, it has three big bedrooms, 1 3/4 baths, a main floor laundry room, a newer Cherry kitchen with appliances included, a private two-level deck off the kitchen, a double attached garage, a single garage, and a huge cottage-like structure that would make a perfect workshop.  It also includes a very large fenced yard, and located in Manly’s always popular west-side.

What really trips my trigger with this home, is its unique Spanish Revival architecture.  The owner informed me that it was built by Manly’s prominent veterinarian as his family home. It wouldn’t surprise me if the “cottage” was used for a servant or hired hand’s living quarters.  If you, or anyone you know is looking for an expansive home offering more than enough room for a growing family, give me a call, and I’ll arrange for a showing.  Click here to view more.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

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