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Most of my morning was spent with follow-up correspondence and updating listings.  I had a thick stack of information to get copied and mailed off to a prospective out of town buyer who was asking for it.  I do work at making sure all buyers are given all pertinent information on any and all of my listings.  As far as I’m concerned, the best buyer is an informed buyer.

When meeting with a seller today to get some signatures, we somehow ended up on the subject of European Buckthorns.  Thank goodness he was up to speed on how invasive they are to our natural habitats.  We shared several stories about how wicked they can be when being either scratched or poked by one of their thorns.  Even if you have leather gloves on, they’re still nasty because when trying to cut them down, one or two of their spikes manage to find unprotected areas.  I’ve got to the point where I can spot them from a distance due to their growth patterns and their shades of green.  Please try to do your part in eradicating them from North Iowa’s landscape.  Our wildlife will love you for it.

I had my first meeting with a delightful couple who are planning on selling their home.  After walking thru it today, I was all the more amazed at the quality of construction along with the custom improvements they’ve made during their years of living there.  For some reason, I think they were surprised hear my opinion of the current value of their home. When they do decide to list it, I doubt it’ll be on the market very long because of its location, square footage, and quality of construction.  It’s always fun to see the surprised look on the faces of sellers after hearing a much higher estimated sale price based on recent comparable sales in the area.

I feel it necessary to speak about 801 West Main in Fertile Iowa again.  We’ve had a great deal of activity on it, and at least four offers since it was listed.  Now that the price has been reduced, we’re getting all the more calls for showings.  One thing buyers have to remember is that it’s on the edge of town on a hard surface road.  The home is much larger than it looks, and the steel building that goes with it is far bigger and better than what you’d normally find.  Please put the word out because the sellers are wanting it sold soon.  By the way, I just talked to a gentleman this afternoon who was talking about buildings of that size, and informed me his friend paid almost a $100K to have a new one built this summer.  Most people have no idea how expensive labor and materials are in these times.

One of my well knowns mentioned a new documentary movie that’s just hit the theaters.  The name of it is, “Generation Wealth”.  She did view the trailer and said it looked to be a very good one to watch when it arrives in our area.  I understood it to be all about the all-consuming need of some to amass as much wealth as possible.  She said it was based on an in-depth study that was done over this past decade.  I’m already suspecting it’ll confirm my current belief regarding the growing greed in our society.  I’m seeing it in nearly all professions, including real estate sales.  I mentioned to another broker today that there are a few in my profession who have the mindset of being a single working parent with starving children at home with a boiling pot on the stove with only a small onion rolling around in it.  After seeing that scenario in your mind, you certainly know what affect mentalities of the like have on innocent buyers and sellers.

Please don’t forget about my open house tomorrow afternoon at 1141 – 14th St. SE.  It’s a fabulous custom built home that offers everything you’ve been looking for and more.  Without a question, it’s far better than brand new.  If you don’t believe me, come see for yourselves. Tonight’s photo is of its “soulful” back patio. Can’t you see yourself out there enjoying your evening right now?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is, sincerity and integrity.

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