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I’d say this was a Monday to be remembered with the number of appointments I had scheduled along with the number of phone calls and drop-ins.  I did manage to make them all, with the exception of being 10 minutes late for one this morning due to an extended phone call.  This week may possibly go down as being my “listing” week since there were two today, and another one tomorrow.

My first listing is a fixer-upper located at 115 W. North St. in Manly which is in a great location, along with having good bones.  It’s a two bedroom one bath 1925 bungalow that would make some industrious person a good project home.  I’d say either a “flipper” is going to buy it, or a young person with family money on the back side.  The home next door is on the market for almost $55K and is smaller than the one I listed.  For sure, $30K would go a long way in making this home a gem.  As I’ve known for years, homes that are west of the railroad tracks are far more popular than those on the east side.  People just don’t like waiting for trains–especially when on their way to and from work.

My second listing which hasn’t been on the market for over 20 years, is located at 361 S. Pennsylvania, Unit 2-C.  The reason it’s being sold, is that the seller decided it’s time for her to move to an assisted living environment.   She’s taken very good care of it all these years of ownership, and it certainly shows.  The real bonus this unit offers, are the fabulous views from its 2nd floor covered patio.  The tall trees and creek below are natural wonders for most city dwellers.  It’s located smack dab in the midst of Mason City’s Crescent of Culture that are only steps away from the library, museum, Music Man Square, shopping, restaurants, and churches.  Penn Place condos don’t come on the market very often, so if any of you know someone looking for a very well built condo, please have them give me a call.  I listed it at $218,500 which is a bargain considering how the prices have been going up on twin homes and condos this year.  And just remember, this one is centrally located, instead of being plopped way out on the west or east side of the City.

My last appointment took me to the in-town acreage I have listed in Fertile.  The showing went very well, and I’m hoping the buyers will call for a second look.  We’ve had offers on it in the past, but there was always something with the buyers that kept it from selling.  I’m hoping the next offer on it will be the one so that my sellers can move forward with their plans.  As I mentioned before, Fertile is only a 20 minute drive from Downtown Mason City, and likely a 10 – 15 minute drive to Clear Lake.  I know it will sell, but as always, I’d rather have all my listings sell more sooner than later.

I certainly had my day of aches and pains from working too physically hard yesterday.  Some day I’ll learn not to over do it with physical work I’m not used to.  Oh well, I can at least say I did have something to show for it.  What likely made it worse was the high temperature and heat.  By the time I finished for the day, I was wringing wet.

The above photo is the exterior shot of my new listing at Penn Place which I consider the place to be for anyone looking into up-scale condo living.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Anybody can see thru an oak plank if there’s a hole in it.

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