A Rage to Live

It didn’t come as any surprise to find myself standing on a ladder near a roof’s edge this morning.  Curious me always has to have a look at what others are seeing.  I was reminded how much easier it is to climb up a ladder than it is to come down.  As much as we’re told not to look down, we always have to get a peek which then creates the fear of falling.  Whenever seeing those videos of people perched on some thin ledge hundreds of feet above, invariably starts those jolts of panic/fear within.  How they do it, I’ll never know, but I’m perfectly content being planted with both feet on terra firma.

With today’s heat and humidity, I’ll not be surprised if we’re going to be getting another pounding with severe storms in our area.  It sounds like the rain that was expected today, is coming tomorrow and possibly last for days.  I just hope we don’t have a storm during my public open house at 716 S. Taylor Ave. here in Mason City which I’m hosting on Saturday between 1 – 3 pm.  That home is really priced to sell, and all the more so since I was told that there wasn’t a drop of water in its basement during all the rains.  If that wasn’t a real test on a truly dry basement, I don’t know what would be.  The price on it has been reduced to $83,000, and I’ve been told the seller wants it SOLD!

I spent several hours doing office work at the front desk today where I happened to get a more full view of the happenings out on the sidewalk and street.  After seeing several young men waddling down the sidewalk with one hand holding their cell phones, and the other holding up their “drop crotch” jeans, I’ve decided to stop wishing and start praying for that fashion fad to fall forever out of favor.  Would someone please tell me what is so fashionable and/or attractive about it that it continues to remain popular?  Several weekends ago I just happened to slip on a pair of jeans that I knew needed a belt because they get loose while wearing them.  Well, I didn’t wear a belt and believe me, I was growing very annoyed when having to pull them back up every five minutes.  But the real understanding of what it must feel like to have “drop crotch” jeans on, is that the ones I was wearing didn’t even come close to being as over-sized as those I see men and boys constantly trying to keep pulled up.

I’m still looking for someone who would be kind enough to take the avocado tree that’s been growing all the taller in my front office, and drive it to either Florida or California and plant it.  As old as it is, I wouldn’t be surprised if it would start having avocados on it in a few years.  If I hadn’t kept it trimmed back, it would be up to the ceiling in my office.  I don’t have the heart to let it die, because if it has survived life in North Iowa this long, it must truly have a rage to live.  If you know anyone interested, please have them give me a call.

My last appointment for the day took me to the edge-of-town acreage I have at 1601 S. Winnebago St. in Lake Mills.  It’s another one that’s been under the radar far too long.  I can’t believe some young family hasn’t snatched it up yet.  It’s a great place to raise a family, and of course being so close to Rice Lake makes it all the more desirable.  Seeing what the acreages have been selling for this year, I’d say it’s bargain priced.

Stay out of the sun and keep cool!

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Everything, however finely spun, finally comes to the sun.


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