I was warned today about tomorrow’s forecasted high temperatures and I think it’s already starting.  Since the afternoon arrived, I could tell the humidity levels were really getting high, and with there being no wind to speak of, makes it all the worse.  It’s not going to be a fun day for me because I’m booked nearly solid with appointments the entire day.  Oh well, that’s what real estate sales is all about where some appointments are fruitful, while others not.

My big gripe today is finding how hard it is to get good, reliable, fair priced, and above all, honest HVAC people to work for myself as well as clients and customers looking for the same.  I could tell horror stories about shoddy workmanship, gouging prices, and poor reliability.  Whenever a tradesman gives me a lame excuse that usually has to do with some issue that’s taking place in his personal life, I so badly want to say, “If you’re going to be in business, then act businesslike.”  When I was told what the mark-up is on furnaces and central air units, I was nearly speechless.  I understand pricing, but that’s ridiculous.  They must think they’re like the brick and mortar clothing stores who have to pay salespeople, utilities, holding time of merchandise, and so on.  With HVAC contractors, most don’t have showrooms, salespeople, or even inventory on hand.  Everything is ordered and shipped from a manufacturer’s or wholesaler’s warehouse.  So the next time you need a new furnace or central air, do some digging online and you’ll see the price differentials for yourselves.  Oh, as a footnote, the last time I had a new furnace and central air installed, the contractor was at my office wanting to get paid immediately after he finished.  Isn’t it more normal to get a bill in the mail?

My new listing today is located at 903 – 12th St. NW here in Mason City which is bargain priced at $69,900.  Now if that home doesn’t sell to some young first-time buyer relatively quickly, it’ll be fully confirmed that the young ones have set their sights many thousands higher.  The 3 stall heated garage which is included is something I’d give my eye teeth to have. I can’t imagine someone not wanting that as their workshop/tinkerden.  Since the English language is continually in a state of evolution, I’ve decided to create a new word which I’m hoping will be added to our dictionaries.  Don’t you think it’s time “tinkerden” is added?  It’s most appropriate in these times where garages are like extensions of a home’s living quarters.

I have to laugh to myself considering all the times I’ve been running up to Fertile to show 801 W. Main this past week, along with the other Realtors that have been showing it.  We are currently negotiating an offer on it, but it’s still up for grabs since we’ve not come to a full agreement on terms and conditions.  We had it under contract in February which fell thru due to those naughty monkey buyers not getting their financing arranged which tied it up for far too long.  Since we reduced the amount of acreage and price, we’ve been getting pounded with interest.  It’s a great family home that’s reasonably priced.

This coming Saturday, I’m having a public open house at 40 Lakeview Drive here in Mason City.  It’s another one that’s ready to sell.  I hope the sellers have the dock out so the lookers can get a better “feel” for Lake Cona Toma.  If I were in the market, I’d have that home under contract due to its location, quality of construction, and for sure, because it has a shoreline.  My love of water goes back to my childhood.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.

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