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I’d say this was a Saturday that’ll be well remembered.  From the time I hit the pavement early this morning, It ended up being a non-stop day of mental and physical work.  In spite of several great disappointments, I’m still eternally thankful for my loyal and faithful clients and customers who’ve kept me in business all these years.  They all know I’d go the extra mile for them simply because of their near unwavering loyalties.

My public open house at 716 S. Taylor didn’t have as many buyers show up as I was expecting, but I did find out one exciting thing about it today.  It didn’t get a drop of water from all our flooding!  Don’t think that won’t help to market it because there’s been more of our residents that had seepage than not since the heavy rains started.  Now knowing it doesn’t take in water, any buyer wanting to finish off that basement in a more modern fashion, won’t be afraid to do it after hearing it was bone dry.  Yes, it does have a sump pump which was running, but the water didn’t overwhelm it.  I just got word this afternoon that the seller wants to reduce it to $83,500 which is a substantial price reduction.  They want it sold more sooner than later which is why they dropped it.  It has absolutely nothing wrong with it.  That’s all it needs is a little modernizing, so keep it in mind for yourselves or someone you know.

One of my calls this morning came from a dear customer whom I’ve been working with since March who started looking in Clear Lake when she decided to move closer to her family and friends.   I don’t even want to think how many hours I spent with her while searching for a new home.  We looked at everything in her price range before her home sold, and when it finally did, nearly nothing was available.  She made an offer on one, but ended up getting beat out by another buyer.

After one of those viewings, she showed me a photo and address of a home that was listed on that Evil website, Zillow, and I agreed to try and contact that seller because it was in her price range.  The next day I registered my office in “EZ” and sent a message to that seller.  Several hours later I got a response basically saying, “I’m not paying a Realtor.”  Even after offering to take a deep discount on commission, she wouldn’t budge.

Well, my phone call today was from my buyer telling me she purchased that home.  She feels really bad about it, but I assured her it wasn’t her fault.  My beef is with that millennial seller who must’ve thought she could easily jump from her medical profession right into being a full-fledged home marketing specialist.  Since the internet is a virtual library, I did a little more digging on that seller.  After seeing her “glamour” photo, along with her Linkedin bio, I’d say she’s very much into herself.

The most unfortunate thing about “Miss Glamour Medical’s” sale to my customer, it that I believe there’ll be a day more sooner than later when my buyer will be sorry she purchased it. There’s always one thing you can’t change about a given home, and that’s its location.  Since I’m allergic to large amounts of dust, that would be the last home I’d ever consider purchasing.

I don’t feel nearly as bad about loosing a sale to a FSBO, than the real concern I have for that buyer’s future comfort.  She’s too nice of a person to have unnecessary bad things happen to her.  I wished her the absolute best today, and I meant it far more than she realizes.  It was reaffirmed today how greedy “For Sale by Owner” sellers, don’t even think twice about taking advantage of naive buyers.  All I hope for, is karma to settle the score with that naughty seller.

Wishing you all a sun-filled day tomorrow.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Drink straws were first invented to keep liquor from touching a teetotaler’s lips.

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