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What in the world are we going to do with all this rain we’ve been getting?  It seems like a vicious cycle that was created earlier this Spring beginning with all the snow we received in April and May.  People can’t even get out in their yards to mow because their lawns are so soggy.  What was even more creepy cool, was when a client of mine told me that someone’s pasture was flooded by an over-flowing pond nearby, and later discovered there were bullheads swimming around in their underwater pasture.  It’s going to smell pretty fishy once that water subsides.

After our City gets back to normal from the storm and flood damage, there’ll be a comeuppance with some of our residents who’ve so thoughtlessly been discharging their sump pumps in the direction of their neighbors’ yards.  I can’t imagine how some can be so ignorant to the fact that you’re not allowed to have water discharging directly onto someone else’s property.  I’ve seen many instances over the years where even one extended downspout discharging onto a neighbor’s yard, can create serious seepage problems for that neighbor.  I just noticed one several days ago where they have not only their sump pump hose shooting in the direction of their neighbor, but also a very large downspout.  It never ceases to amaze me the disrespect some have for their neighbors.  I make no hesitation in telling those victims to call the City and have them deal with their naughty neighbors.

As I’ve said many time over, it’s always good to have a busy day, but today was an exception to where I was a few minutes late for several appointments, as well as not being able to return phone calls that came in later, which means I’ve got some calling to do first thing in the morning.  I’ll have to get to the office plenty early so to get myself prepared for what looks like a very busy Friday.

I listed another Prairie Place on 1st condominium today, and that unit just happens to be my new favorite.  It’s unit number 305 which is on the 3rd floor facing south.  The decorative lighting above the breakfast bar and the beautiful maple tree just outside the patio doors makes it enough different from similar floor plans.  There are now only 10 units left to sell out of the original 32.  I’m thinking that once the available unit number drops to single digits, there’ll be all the more activity to where there may be people fighting over those few remaining. That usually always happens when a condominium project nears full occupancy.

A few days ago, I happened upon an article that was published by BBC online with the heading, “The untold good news story of America today”.  The more I read, the more interesting I found it. After thinking about it for several days, I decided to share it with all my readers, and do please re-post it on Facebook for all your friends to read.  It’s about time we’re hearing something great and wonderful that been quietly happening in the Upper Midwest.

It comes as no surprise when reading about all the more of our younger generation returning to their roots and making a difference for themselves and their communities.  As I mentioned when talking about the article to a client today, “I believe the key to a community’s success, it that nearly everyone is on the same page regarding the promoting of local goods and services.”  I was also quick to add how much more I’ve been watching the country of manufacture on nearly everything I purchase because I’m not into feeding the “dragon” any more than I have to.

Here’s the link to that article: The untold good news story of America today

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Missed opportunities are often by-products of fear.

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