The Big Culprits

It was absolutely beautiful out today with the sun shining and the temps hovering around the 70+ degree mark.  While being outdoors during a number of appointments, I was keen to enjoy it fully.  Having had so many late snows, it seems as though it was yesterday when we were getting those nasty snowstorms.  I’m still sad over there being no baby ducks or geese running around which was likely due to those 18+ inches of snow we received in April.

An early phone call this morning brought me back into hopes that we’ll be able to resurrect a sale that had fallen thru over a month ago.  You can be sure I did everything I could to keep it together, so if it does come back and closes, I’ll then just chalk it up as being something that was meant to be.

This past week I’ve been noticing a number of new listing coming on the market, so I guess we’ll see if they’ll be selling as quickly as they’ve been since the first of the year.  An area banker’s take on this flurry of purchases, is a fear on the part of buyers that the mortgage interest rates are going to go up quickly.  They’ve creeped up a little, but I don’t think there’s that much to worry about.  Believe it or not, I remember selling homes to buyers who were faced with paying 10% interest on their 30 year mortgages, and they  continued to buy at that time.  I can only imagine what would happen to our real estate market if the rates went back up to those levels again, because I know for sure we’d be seeing a huge spike in foreclosures.

These past months I’ve been noticing all the more cash sales by home and acreage buyers.  Some of those sales had some pretty hefty price tags on them.  I would say without a doubt, the percentages of cash sales have gone up markedly.   It kinda makes you wonder why they’re paying cash instead of taking out mortgages.  Perhaps those buyers are believing it better to invest in real estate rather than having money sitting idle in near zero interest bearing accounts.  With the way our economy is headed, it may also be due some of our middle class believing they’d better buy now before our home prices rise to a point where they suddenly find themselves priced right out of the market.

I’ll be hosting a public open house at 40 Lakeview Drive this coming Saturday which you all may think me crazy to be doing considering it being Memorial Day weekend, but the sellers want it sold, so if it takes an open house on a holiday weekend to sell it, then so be it.  We have been getting some good interest in it, and now that Lake Cona Toma is showing off its beauty, I’m hopeful it’ll be selling soon.  I’ve even been getting some out of State calls on it which is also promising.

Each year about this time, I have to laugh to myself when seeing people having to do more work outdoors and then afterwards finding themselves completely exhausted.  I personally found that to be true after working on a project this past Sunday.  If only on a daily basis, parents would get their children and themselves out of their houses and do something physical so to keep their weight down and bones and muscles strong.  Children and adults who lead sedentary lives are just asking for future physical problems, which often follow them the rest of their lives.  As I’ve said before, the big culprits are the medias most have grown to believe they can’t live without.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Using force to stop force is absurd.

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