Better to be Naive

The normal Monday morning I was expecting, turned a bit upside down by having to deal with several dastardly events that took place over the weekend which were likely created by those who live in darkness.  As the old saying goes, “If it doesn’t kill us, it just makes us all the stronger.”  At least the sun was shining and our temperatures were growing all the more pleasant.

Oh Mercy!  Now that the snow has melted, I was shocked when seeing all the paper and plastic lying about that was previously hidden by the snow.  For sure I’ll be spending an hour or so walking up and down both the front and back of my office block picking up all that litter.  I’ll have to get at it all the sooner because when it dries out and the wind picks up, it’ll be flying all over our Downtown.

Another grip I have are all the more people walking their dogs in our Downtown area and letting them dirty wherever they want, and to think that most owners don’t even consider picking it up.  Just yesterday one of my clients spoke about having to take her dog to the veterinary because it must’ve come down with some sort of sickness.  My stomach turned after telling me that her dog likes to eat shite belonging to other dogs and cats.  That’s one negative I have about people walking their dogs on trails other dogs use.  Personally, taking a dog to a doggie park would be the last place I’d take a dog.  What better place to pick up fleas and have your dog exposed to another’s communicable disease.  I wonder if someone’s invented a canine treadmill that really works, because that would be the way to go when wanting to keep a person’s dog exercised.

We’ve already been getting a number of inquiries on 1137 Manor Drive since it was listed several days ago.  I’ll not surprise me if it sells quickly because of its location and floor plan.  I was exceptionally impressed with its kitchen/dining area.  Whomever designed it was well versed on how often one’s kitchen is where everyone gathers.  Having such a large area to cook without others being in the way, makes for a pleasant time to visit while preparing meals.  Keep it in mind if you or someone else you know is looking for a new home.

Some months ago I was invited into a home that was recently built, and when I walked back to their kitchen, I couldn’t help but notice how much wasted space it had.  All that open floor area, and nothing there but a big square of emptiness.  While driving away, I couldn’t help but wonder how much extra walking the owner had to do while traveling from stove, to refrigerator, and then back to sink.  The tried and true rule of thumb has always been, “All three important components of cooking should never be more than three normal steps away from the kitchen sink.”  It’s also referred to as the “triangle” of functionality.  Over the years I’ve helped a good number of people with their kitchen designs, and later thanked for it.

Every time I’ve been criss-crossing our City and happen to be driving over our many bridges, I’d say there’s been a great deal of snowmelt when seeing how high our river and streams have risen.  I’ve also noticed a number of sump pump hoses pumping water out at curbsides.  As I said to a client today, “North Iowa’s soil has a great deal of catching up to do before our farmers will be ready to plant.”  I’m still wishing our farmers would start diversifying the crops they’re planting–especially now when considering the trade wars that have started.  I’m still greatly in favor of converting to switchgrass.  Yes, it takes a season or two to get those perennials started, but it’s ranked one of the highest for ethanol production.  Let’s hope the powers that be will finally take notice.

My delightful one-liner for tonight is: It’s better to be naive than jaded.

Joe Chodur

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