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After reading the news this morning about our government placing sanctions on Russia for their meddling in our 2016 elections, I thought, “About time, and I hope they crank it up even more after finding all the more infiltrations the Russians have done with their protracted cyber espionage.”  I do hope America, Great Britain, and all the other EU States will stand together and remain firm with their pushing back against that evil emperor and his inner circle of cronies.  It’s just another example of what happens when any given country is lead by one in possession of absolute power.

Yesterday in my article I spoke about 425 – 1st NE here in Mason City, so tonight I thought it appropriate to talk about 21 – 11th St. NE which is without question, an absolute diamond in the rough.  A very many years ago, I sold this home, and at that time, it was in great condition.  After all these years of neglect, it’s still as rock-solid as it was all those many years ago.

It’s one of those homes that was carefully designed so to optimize on functionality.  Every room size is just right, its windows were appropriately placed to allow for natural lighting, and the floor plan is about as good as it could ever be.  If I were a younger man and itching for another project, I would’ve had it under contract after my first “look” the following day it was posted for sale.

A young couple who just got married and recently purchased a home many thousands over 100K, should’ve been looking at something like this rather than the money pit they purchased.  In time they’ll be hating themselves, and possibly each other for allowing them to be pushed into buying something at the upper limits of their incomes.  Yes, they’ll quickly tire of those high mortgage payments they’ve plugged themselves into for the next 30 years, along with realizing it being impossible to set aside enough money each month to update their kitchen and bath. Well, maybe they’ll be able to, if only they should acquire a taste for macaroni cheese sandwiches three times a day.  Don’t blame me.  I didn’t sell it to them.

One of my customers whom I know enjoys spicy hot food, was given a gift by me today which was a small jar of my all natural and homegrown ground chili peppers. Last Fall’s crop was exceptional in that its color is the most striking orange to where it appears almost luminescent.  Even though he likes spicy hot, I had to warn him about it because it doesn’t create an immediate hot, but rather being of a heat that sneaks up on you.  Believe me, I’ve had my own baptism with its “creeping up” heat.  What I enjoy the most about my own personally home-grown chili powder, is that it has a more complex flavor which I’ve not found in other chili powders.  I made sure he reports back to me on his like or dislike of it.  If you really, really, really like hot chili powder, please give me a call, and I’ll freely give you a small bottle with my same warning of today.

Joe Chodur

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