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There wasn’t much excitement at the office today to where I actually had to go looking for something to keep myself busied.  I did get started at clearing out and straightening up my storage room.  I felt it better to get cracking at it before the Spring market starts to open up.  It should be pretty much back in order before the end of tomorrow.  Isn’t it amazing how we manage to collect so much paper in what most consider us living in a paperless society?

Mid-morning I had to run out to one of my listings to alert an owner that her home was going to be shown this afternoon.  After a number of knocks, she finally came to the door a bit sleepy-eyed.  She apologized for not having her cell phone turned on since she works a later shift and oft times doesn’t want to be bothered while sleeping.   All was well because the agent was able to show it and hopefully there was interest in it.   I always do whatever I can to get prospective buyers in homes I have listed when their schedules allow.  I’m not like a few nameless agents who dilly-dally around and don’t get back to me in timely manners whenever I want to show theirs.

Certainly you’ve all seen the punitive action Great Britain has taken towards Russia a/k/a “The New Soviet Union” for the recent poisonings on their sovereign soil.  The madness in the minds of men in power in these times is beyond my comprehension.  While reading some of the ways in which Putin’s henchmen permanently silence dissidents caused me to consider them akin to the, “Bourne” movies.  I’m hoping other rouge nations aren’t considering copy-cat murders on their own soil as well as others.  Every morning I brace myself before opening the on-line news in fear there’ll be yet another jaw-dropping incident within our borders, or over the fence of another country’s. How much more do you think our fragile Earth can take of this insanity?

With our market growing shorter, I believed it time again to speak about 425 – 1st St. NE here in Mason City.  Some years ago it was converted from a single family home into a 4 unit apartment house.  Knowing how many younger couples want to get out of their rentals, this 4-plex would be a great opportunity for them to move into both of the main floor units and keep the two above as rentals until they have time to convert the main floor back to the way it was before its conversion.  If you take time to do the math, it only makes financial sense to fire your landlord, move into one or two of the units, and all the while, have the other two tenancies help with the expenses while it’s being restored.

Being situated on the east side of our Historic Downtown where all the improvements and build-outs are being made, I’ll wager if it would be restored to a single family home, the value of it would more than double.  Many of the young and old want to be in walking distance of work, shopping, and leisure of their city’s historic districts.  It’s becoming quite the fad in larger cities across the Nation.  The above photo is of its street view.  It’s priced at $66,000.00 which I believe to be a real bargain. How much better can you get when knowing it stands strong and stately within our City’s Crescent of Culture.

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