Pay Taxes and Die

One of my calls this morning was to a banker who had information I needed.  Since he didn’t have it readily at hand, he said, “Give me a minute, and I’ll call you right back. I promise.” Well, yours truly waited, waited, and waited some more, until I figured I’d better get some errands run before lunch. Keep in mind, when I called him, it was around 9:00 AM.  When I returned just before noon, I found I’d not received a callback from him, so I picked up the phone and called him.  When he answered I said, “If I were drowning and you went running off for help with the promise that you’d be right back, I think I would’ve drowned about twenty times over.”  He couldn’t have given me more apologies and weak excuses yet still knowing I wasn’t moved.  Kiddingly I said before hanging up, “I now fully understand my ranking in your bank.”  We’ll see how fast he moves the next time I need something.

After that incident as well as a few recent others, it’s been again confirmed that customer service is nothing like it used to be.  Not but an hour before, I had another meeting with a personal banker about an on-going issue where monthly statements that were sent out on a given day, don’t reach me for more than a week.  I finally said, “There is something with the way you’re addressing the envelope as well as that idiot four digit number after the zip code, and I suspect the real culprit is that extended zip code.”

This problem has be on-going for several years, and today I figured I’d had enough to where I said, “If my statements don’t arrive in a timely manner as they should be, especially since they’re being mailed from this City, I’m going to close my account and open another one in a different bank.”  I guess when you’ve complained enough, and still no action, then it’s time to draw a line in the sand.  I have a feeling my statement will be coming on time from now on.  Isn’t it funny how so many of our younger crowd don’t take people with graying hair seriously until there comes a time of confrontation?  Too many believe the garbage in their computers are above reproach. They think if all the “boxes” are filled when entering data, then everything should be 100% correct.  But the unfortunate thing regarding such mentalities, is that if you put incorrect data into those boxes, then you’ll have garbage coming out.

Another soft landing took place today with one of my listings.  Since I was representing the sellers and buyers, it seemed to go all the smoother and faster. There’s much to be said about getting all the little quirks and questions addressed long before a closing occurs.  Whenever dealing with life changes and big dollars, the things we don’t need are last minute dramas or hiccups.

I brought a little gift to closing for the buyers and when handing it to them, one of them said, “Joe! You didn’t have to do this!”  I smiled and said, “I don’t have to do anything other than pay taxes and die.”   I’m glad they liked it, and hope they’ll put it to good use during the many years of happiness I’ve wished for them in their new home.

Joe Chodur

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