Shades of Red

I couldn’t be thankful enough to the owners, for their willingness to have their units open for viewing.  They were immensely helpful with my marketing of the vacant units by their allowing prospective buyers to see for themselves how much furniture will comfortably fit into those vacant units.  Since all the rooms are over-sized, it’s hard for many to get an idea of how much will actually fit.

It was an extended workout for me but well worth my time. I’m sure the visitors were also pleased with the variety of goodies being offered which including cake, cookies, and homemade confections, along with punch, coffee, and bottled water.   If there’s not at least one buyer who’s ready, willing, and able to come forward out of today’s showings, I’ll be greatly surprised.

These past several days I’ve been negotiating on the sale of one of my listings, and I think we’ve finally come to an agreement.  I now must get documents scanned and emailed to my out of State buyer.  With a noticeable number of my listings starting to sell, it looks like I’ll have to start beating the bushes anew.  If my suspicions are confirmed, I’d say we’re heading into a shortage of good listings before Spring arrives.

Since I was very late finishing up on my open house at Prairie Place on 1st, and then back at the negotiating table with today’s final sale of one of my listings, I decided there wasn’t enough time to visit an area church, so I’ll have to pick one to attend tomorrow morning.

I’ve really been noticing these past several days how much puddling of water is taking place in people’s yards.  With the ground frozen solid, it can’t leech back into the soil which in some cases, makes for ponds the size of small ice skating rinks.  I happened to notice one today that took up at least half of a home’s rear yard.  I hope buyers don’t think there’s something wrong with those properties for sale because of an abnormality caused by those brutally cold weeks we had to endure, and then a rapid warming.

This afternoon I was teasing a young gentleman who attends St. Paul Lutheran Church by saying, “The people who are choosing the music for me to play at St. Paul are really putting me through my paces with all the new music they’re feeding me.”  He laughed and said, “Well, somebody’s gotta feed you.”

On a similar note, there was a couple in attendance at the open house today who mentioned how much they liked it when I played their church’s beautiful grand piano stationed up near its sanctuary which I used to play on a near regular basis a few years ago.  The wife even went on to say, “The reason we used to set so close to the front was because I not only liked hearing you, but also watching you play.”  Oh Mercy!  I think I must’ve turned at least ten shades of red after she said that.  After my color finally returned, I thanked her and said perhaps someday soon she’ll be seeing and hearing me again.

Here’s wishing you all a peaceful evening and a pleasant day tomorrow.

Joe Chodur

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