Missing a Glove

I’ve heard some business owners blaming the City for not getting it all off, but don’t you think they should be getting their own arses out there and clearing paths for the sake of their own commercial interests?  All businesses great and small must continue remembering it’s all about making potential clients and customers as comfortable as possible when it comes to doing business in our State’s last retail hub before entering the People’s Republic of Minnesota.

It looks like my week has been pretty productive considering two of my listings were sold, and one of my prior sales having closed.  I’m even in the midst of negotiating  an offer on another one of my listings which I’m in hopes we can get a deal done on it before the weekend is over.

After chatting with several people this week about how high our recent Alliant Energy bills were, it sounds like everyone got their “sticker” shocks when opening their bills.  I was actually prepared for it in knowing how much colder than normal those weeks were compared to our recent winters.  I could also tell that my bills were going to be bigger because of how much more my office furnace was running to keep ahead of those severe temperatures.  When it’s that cold, the chill actually radiates within like a reversed radiator.

Please remember, I’m helping to host the One Year Anniversary/Open House of Prairie Place on 1st that’ll be taking place tomorrow between 1:00 – 3:00 pm.  It’ll be a good time for prospective buyers to view units still available, as well as getting private tours of units already occupied by a number of current residents.  The current owners are the most delightful people, and continually looking forward to having their next new resident’s arrival.  Like I said, “It’s a beautiful community in the making.”

One of my clients stopped by today to drop off a document I’ll be needing.  Since we both had time to chat, we visited about this and that, until the subject of fishing came up.  Since he’s an avid fisherman, I was forced to listen while he was recalling this past year’s catch, and of of which I found very interesting.

After hearing his stories, I was compelled to tell a story of my recent attempts  at fishing several years ago. First off, I had to inform him that I hadn’t fished since I was likely seven years old.  Well, about two or three years ago, I decided to try my hand at fishing.  Oh Mercy!  After about three hours of loosing hooks, tangled lines, and endless snags, I finally gave up and said, “I’ve not yet evolved enough to understand the concept of fishing.”  He got a good laugh at my recollection of such a disastrous afternoon.  Perhaps Mother Nature just decided to punish me for not spending some soulful time at her water’s edge.

When I was walking Downtown early this morning, I happened to notice something dark in the corner of a business entrance’s alcove. I curiously walked over to see what it was, and to my surprise, I found that some male must’ve lost a glove that was positioned on the concrete in a way appearing to be giving all passers-by’s a ghostly “finger”.  But then I considered it was only a lone remnant of some male having thrown his glove down as a challenge for another to have their go at fisticuffs.  Looks like we’ll never know the real answer, but at least I did get a photo of it to share with you.  But there’s one thing you can be certain of, someone is missing a glove.

Joe Chodur

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