The Melting Pot

Of course, since it’s been below freezing enough days to where my fingers are now getting those deep and painful cracks that appear every year when there are extended days without a thaw, I finally broke down and purchased another tube of vitamin E hand cream that seems to help with the healing process.  Oh well, it’s just another genetic predisposition I have to endure. It’s amazing how many there are in our general public who don’t have that problem.  I know part of the reason they appear, is that I possibly wash my hands more often than most which removes one’s protective oils.

Several hours were spent at Prairie Place on 1st with my showing an interested party several of the units who I believe is leaning towards purchasing one that’s caught her eye, and then later doing a final walk-thru with the buyers of another unit before we went to close out their purchase.

Once again, I’m convinced Prairie Place on 1st is evolving into a community within a community of absolutely delightful people.  The couple who came on board today will certainly be welcomed with open arms by its current residents.  The Mrs. is a great storyteller and quick to share one or two.  Some day in the near future, I’ll have to tell her she’s missed her calling.  The way in which she describes events, creates “I’m there” visuals that you’d swear you were looking at that very scene right along with her while she’s recalling those people and places.  If today’s prospective buyer, who’s found a floor plan she likes and ends up purchasing it, there’ll be only 12 units remaining to be sold.  Yeah!  Whenever marketing many, the concept of “less is more” will certainly kick in when we reach ten.

If you know anyone looking for a roomy ranch out on the east side of our City, be sure to mention the home I’m having open to the public tomorrow from 1:00 – 3:00 pm which is located at 1415 – 9th St. SE.  You’ll be amazed at it’s size and amenities being offered.

Before heading home, I had to make a few shopping stops, and the last one being Fleet Farm.  I went there for one thing, and ended up coming home with a few more due to some really good sales they’re having right now.

As I was heading towards the check-out, I noticed a man likely in his 40’s wearing a black broad-brimmed hat, leather boots, and a two-piece denim outfit that looked as if it was something that was created at home.  Oh, and he had a very full beard that was kept trimmed, but a haircut that looked like a “bowl” cut.

Yes, I’m sure he was a Mennonite doing some late afternoon shopping.  Just glancing at what he had in his cart, I could see he was buying pounds of nuts and bolts, and four bags of barn lime which I didn’t realize they sold at Fleet Farm.  Having read about the daily lives of the Amish and Mennonites, I couldn’t help but suspect what he would be doing with that lime and those bolts.  It’s always interesting to see others with different beliefs and lifestyles–especially one that has survived for generations.   Social diversity in America is why we continue to be considered the melting pot.

Don’t you just love the photo I’ve posted above which I snapped of an ancient Spruce yesterday with her cones still being held fast by her in the midst of our seemingly endless wicked winds?

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