Moonlit December

Moonlit December-1Thinking it was going to be an instant 50 degree day, I ventured out of my office early this morning to do a little menial labor beyond my heated space.  Ouch!  After being out there for about 45 minutes, I thought my fingers would be frozen solid if I stayed out there but five minutes longer, so back in I went.  So much for instant an 50 degrees when it took past noontime to get there.

While out there working and feeling my fingers slowly freezing, I thought about Hell and how nearly everyone believes it to contain an unquenchable fire.  Of course yours truly believes the opposite.  For some reason or other, I personally believe Hell as we know it, to be a place of near pitch darkness where there’s a non-stop freezing cold which is the constant torment of those wicked souls who embraced the greatest evil of all–Fear.  For that reason only, they found the “essence” or “core” of their existence having been placed there after death.

Now keep in mind, I’ve told you all before that Fear is the Mother of all evil because from Fear sprouts all cardinal sins. While grabbing that door handle this morning so to get back inside with my icicle fingers, I felt like I was grabbing the door-latch of Hell’s gate.

My public open house at 122 – 11th St. SW this afternoon was a great success.  There were people coming and going nearly the entire time.  The things that impressed them the most was first off, it being located across the street from a public park, then its gorgeous near brand new custom oak kitchen, and lastly, the 3rd floor bedroom which could be used for many other purposes other than a place to sleep.  The big first floor laundry room with a half bath is also a great feature.  Be sure to keep an eye on this home because as far as I’m concerned, it’s a winner.

Since I didn’t have any appointments after my public open house, I drove to the gas station and got a fill-up and then headed out of town to a relatively far away church that I’ve grown to enjoy attending their services.   I arrived there a few minutes early which gave me time to quietly reflect while being surrounded by its beautiful, yet not overly decorated interior.  With the sun being so low in the sky, their stained glass windows were ablaze with color and form.  I’ve always believed really well designed stained glass windows give a church’s interior a greater feel of reverence and solemnity.

While looking at them and reflecting, I remembered an article about an elderly agnostic who on a weekly basis was discovered visiting a historic church in one of Europe’s crown cities.  The reporter asked, “Since you continually insist you’re an agnostic, why is it you go to a church on a weekly basis during their times of service?”  The old lady smiled and calmly said, “Even an agnostic appreciates beauty.  I go there to look at their beautiful windows, listen to their lovely music while continuing to marvel at their exquisite artwork.”  I guess she shut him down in a kind way for questioning her personal beliefs.

While driving back from their delightful Advent service, I happened to notice our near full moon rising.  It was one of the brightest I’ve seen in a long time.  Perhaps our atmosphere is more clear of “junk” particles which made for it to be exceptionally bright to where I actually had to pull down my visor so I could watch the road.  Compliments of those clear skies, there’ll be a moonlit December landscape tonight that’ll “wow” you.

Joe Chodur

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