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DSC_4094-EditThis morning’s closing went as smooth as silk and the buyer is now on a burn to get started with a few improvements along with getting moved while the weather is good.  I oft times feel blessed and fortunate to have so many of the nicest buyers and sellers to work with in real estate.  Perhaps it’s due to the old saying, “Like attracts like.”  I think of that sometimes when seeing not so nice people of similar stripes interweaving within their business and personal lives.

Another one of my listings sold today and I’m confident it will sail thru to closing in a similar fashion as did today’s.  I also got a good report on a home inspection, so it looks like another one of my sales will be closing next week.

Looks like I’m going to have to get back out and beat the bushes for new listings since so many of my existing ones are now sold and waiting to close.  I actually visited with a seller today who owns a home containing the most stunning oak woodwork.  Most people haven’t a clue how rare it is to find such historic homes in our City.  Too many of the rental barons over the years have turned those 19th Century queens into “greasy” unkempt apartment houses.  It makes me sad to the point I don’t even want to think about it.

One of my well knowns called today to share some of his frustrations with a relative who’s been very inconsiderate about others.  Seems the numbers are growing of people in our country who think only of themselves.  I shared with him my take on this societal pandemic.  I believe we as a country are so obsessed by wealth and greed because of how the medias glorify it.  Money doesn’t fix many of the biggest problems people have–it only sends those problems deeper into their psyche which in turn creates all the more problems. If you look at selfishness in its pure form, there’s no movement.  It’s a dead end road that leads to nothing worthy of admiration.

In years gone by, when a few of the old “bulls” would start bragging about their wealth and possessions, I’d interject by saying, “So when your day of expiration arrives, what do you believe you’ve given to the world worthy of your remembrance?  I can assure you that they’ll bury you no deeper than six feet, and after your wealth has be squandered by your offspring, there’ll be created a black hole of memory.”  Ouch!  Those words nearly always got them to stop in their tracks.

One of my own money-loving relatives came up to me at a funeral reception and whispered in my ear, “I bought another 80 acres.”  With an annoyed look I replied, “Good for you.”  But for some reason he didn’t take the hint because he stepped even closer and pridefully said, “And I paid cash for it.”  I couldn’t help myself saying after hearing his dis-respectful statements after one of our relative’s funeral, “You seemed to have forgotten what our grandmother used to say.”  “What was that?” he said.  In a much louder voice I announced, “We enter this world naked and penniless, and we’ll leave this world naked and penniless.”  His faced turned a bright red while looking daggers at me as he walked away speechless.  His remarks were far out of place along with giving me yet another confirmation of his greed. Whenever speaking of such things, one of my favorite hymns pops into my head which is, “The King of Love my Shepherd Is”.

Please don’t forget about my public open house tomorrow which I’ll be hosting at 422 S. Tennessee Place.  The seller is definitely motivated and ready for it to sell.  It’s a beauty.

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