Wind of a Day

Wind of a DayOh how it’s starting to fell like Fall while I’m still wondering where Summer went.  It makes me think of one of the Baltic country’s sayings that goes, ‘We’re always in wait for Summer.”  I’m not sure, but I think it’s a Lithuanian saying.  When I was younger, I visited Lithuania along with Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.  Whenever thinking about memorable vacation experiences, I would certainly say my trip on the hydrofoil across the Baltic Sea from Tallin Estonia to Helsinki Finland was one of them.  In spite of the short time we were in Helsinki, it was in every way, quite the delightful experience.

I remember saying to my sister who was traveling with me at the time, “I now know where all the beautiful people are hiding.”  It seemed no matter where you looked, there were beautiful young people, handsome middle-aged people, and even pleasing to the eye elderly people.  They’re certainly not as pudgy as we Americans, and they also dress more appropriately for their ages.  We actually spent several hours in a large and very busy coffee shop/bistro in their business district just visiting while watching patrons coming and going.

Even though I’m not a big fan of fish, we did have quite the shopping experience in their over-sized fish market housed in an old building built right on the wharf. Of course they were selling much more than fresh fish that day.  I did purchase a jar of pickled herring that I brought back as a gift for a dear old client who loved really good pickled herring.  Some day, I’ll have to make a return trip to see how their country has evolved.

Another one of my sales closed today which was a bit of a rocky road.  Somehow my buyer managed to over-sleep by about six hours which created a much delayed closing.  My worries really kicked in after about 15 phone calls and a visit to his home, and still no buyer.  Once he realized what time it was when he pickup up from my umpteenth call, he had to rush at getting to the final walk-thru with me and then to the closing office.  At least the sellers didn’t have to stay over because they just happento be moving out of State.  It will be a transaction I’ll not forget.

Thank goodness I was able to keep things moving along with my other appointments already scheduled today.  I wouldn’t doubt my car went thru at least a half tank of gas with all the extra running around I had to do which included showing four different models of Prairie Place on 1st condos to some prospective buyers.  There’s no question in my mind those units are as good as it gets for North Iowa, and if I’m wrong, I’d like someone to prove it to me.

Looks like tomorrow will be another whirling wind of a day with a much awaited closing along with showings and a possible offer on one of my listings.  If these past two weeks are any indication, our Fall is going to be a busy quarter for home sales.  I’ve already scheduled two public open houses for this coming Saturday.  I’m hoping you’ll come and take a peek before they’re sold.

1115 – 8th St. SW Mason

103 – 28th St. SW Mason City

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