Amen-1The public open houses I had today were exceptionally busy to where I don’t think I was alone in either one of them the entire time.  The open house I had this morning at 2831 – 4th St. NW had quite the combination of real lookers along with a handful of annoying people looking to just kill some time.  I was actually getting rather irritated by a group of retired ladies who were spouting all the things they’d “heard” were done to the home along with things that were not yet upgraded.  Several were really getting under my skin with their blowing out of proportion the minor cosmetic improvements that have yet to be done in the bedroom areas.  Oh Mercy!  I guess too many of our young retirees in this City have yet to find enough purposeful things to do with their free time besides spreading half truths about exceptionally well built homes containing a great number of high quality improvements.

I personally know where one of them just recently moved, and I’d say that residence wouldn’t be considered of quality by any home builder still in possession of high standards.  There’s no question the only reason she and her husband purchased their new home was because they likely wanted to show off its massive size along with it’s location which I’ve always considered to be on the busy backside of a popular short cut.

Everyone that was looking at the home as a possible purchase mentioned its quality along with the abundance of natural light that enters from all directions.  Just remember, it has a garage that could easily hold four cars. Speaking of cars, one of the people in attendance was more into talking about his collection of cars along with his anti-liberal views of America.  I normally tune out such people, but his voice was so loud and piercing, I couldn’t get the switch flipped.  Oh well, at least there was a very good turn-out today which I hope will generate a near future sale.

By the way, I must announce that my suspicion last Saturday about two of my listings being sold this week has come to pass.  Now this coming week will have to surprise me because there’s been activity on a number of my listings, but nothing that’s any showing promise as of yet.  But one never knows when a call may come in from someone saying, “I’m ready to make an offer.”

A couple whom I hadn’t seen for about three or four years suddenly showed up at my public open house this afternoon.  Seems they’re not liking their neighborhood as much as they did when they purchased it from another agent.  Their buyer profile is that which I consider to be “floaters”.  Floaters are lookers who’re tied at the hip with a particular agent, but attend as many open houses as possible.  Sometimes floaters pretend to be free game for whomever is hosting open a given home just to glean as much information as possible about the owners and the property, but the real bitch-slap for that poor agent comes when their hip-tied agent writes an offer on it for them.

Having some free time late this afternoon, I went to a church service in another town not far away.  I normally don’t wait until nearly everyone has left to compliment a pastor on his or her sermon, but today’s was so good, I felt obliged to say, “You prepared well for your sermon and I’m glad I just happened to be here this afternoon to hear it.  Good job!”

Yet another word’s definition was brought up during the service which most people don’t know the meaning, and the word is “amen”.  As often as it’s used, most don’t realize it’s normally translated as a solemn expression of belief or affirmation.  In a more loose English form, one could also consider it be an agreement in its entirety of something that was just voiced or written.  Amen

And by the way, don’t say Amen like you just “ate” something.  The “A” of amen is all the more soft as well as reverent when spoken with an “ahh”.

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