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Buyer With VisionOne reason I really don’t like gray days, is that while driving around our City, I notice all the more dysfunction, neglect, and discord.  I can’t believe how many people use their open front porches as receptacles where anything and everything is plopped. Front porches mind you!  Aren’t front porches supposed to be inviting to where one has a bit of an idea of what’s inside?  I dare not even think of what’s behind the front doors of some when seeing all the pile-ups before you reach the doorbell.  Yes, I was in some sort of a “porch mode” today where the more I noticed, the more I looked.

I’m convinced the general public have too much stuff they actually believe they need. But in knowing we’re living in a throw away world, most of the stuff people have sitting around is either out-dated or in need of repair.  Planned obsolescence is alive and well. Just think about how much we buy which more sooner than later gets abandoned or thrown due to not being what we’d expected, or didn’t hold up to everyday use.

One of the gentlemen that arrived at my public open house today mentioned how he prefers to purchase things that are noticeably more expensive so they at least outlast the junk that’s being sold in the big box stores.  If I didn’t know better, I would’ve sworn he possessed a German mindset.  On average, most Germans save enough money to where they carefully plan and subsequently choose items that are well made, of timeless design, and built to last.  It’s not that they believe less is more, but rather thinking it’s better to have less as long as the possessions they do own, were built to last.

Why is it so many people are demanding more storage?  We went from single garages, to doubles, and now to triple.  Just today I noticed a triple garage with another storage garage attached.  Every time I hear people squealing about not having enough closet space, one would think they’re blue-bloods and sure to wear something different 365 days of each year.  Now really, how often do most wear clothes that are stuffed away in spare closets and dresser drawers?  I’m sorry, but I think this gets right back to what’s been happening with most–they have no real purpose/calling.   Casual shopping on a daily basis is not purposeful–it’s just a way to fill in dead time slots.

Getting back to my public open house at 2026 S. Wilson.  There were a handful of people there in spite of the misty gray day we were having.  While alone, I began envisioning in my mind what I’d do with it.  At a first glance, most would think it in need of scraping off and starting all over, but when looking closer, I’ve decided there is still hope for the old gal.  All it really needs is a good gut job to where it’s taken down to the studs and create a blank canvas.  I’d build tall tray ceilings, level the floors out, and build out an very open and airy floor plan.  There’d be only two rooms with doors–one for a big bedroom, and one for the bathroom/laundry room.  I can already see it in my mind, and it would be a beauty.  I’m now waiting for just one buyer with vision.

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