Devil’s Workshop

Devil's Workshop-1After getting my open house signs out early this morning, I went back to the office and spent several hours working on preparing a lease for new tenants that are moving into a home belonging to one of my clients.  When they arrived, I spent enough time going over the terms of the lease along with their responsibilities, so they’d fully understand it.

After having gone thru the lease process with them, I took the time to visit with them about work in general and what we must do sometimes to keep the general public happy.  Since they both work in the service industry, we had a few stories to share regarding over-bearing bosses and naughty-minded clients and customers.

Since they shared a story or two with me, I brought up an incident that took place with someone at an office not long ago.  Since I’m normally pretty easy going, it takes quite a bit for someone who’s supposed to be helping me, to get me to bristle.  I’m sure the next day after I left from that unfortunate encounter, the clerk who crossed a line with me was a bit sorry for the way I was treated. Most don’t realize it takes even less time to close an account than it does to open one.  Sometimes companies–especially the big ones, think once you’re “plugged” in with them, your their customers for life.

Every time I hear an unfortunate story about how someone’s been grossly mis-treated by a sales clerk or even the management of a company, I’m quick to make a mental note and archive it for future reference.  As I’ve told many, I’m not an angel or saint, but I really do want the best for my clients and customers.  Believe me, the wolves in sheep’s clothing are alive and well in North Iowa.  I really do grow tired of the “canned” questions and responses I hear from salespeople who really couldn’t give a “rats” about wanting the best for their customers.  Why can’t they just be real?

My public open house today at 107 S. Rhode Island was a great success to where there were even people coming back for a second look.  I mentioned to everyone who was there how highly sought after that neighborhood is.  I’ve always insisted you can change just about anything in a home, but you can’t change its neighborhood.

Please be sure to check out my diamond in the rough handyman special I’ll be having open tomorrow from 1:00 – 3:00 PM at 2026 S. Wilson.  It would be a perfect project home for someone who’s just retiring and wondering what they’re going to do with all their free time.  Just remember, “Idle minds and hands make for a devil’s workshop.”

Believe me, after reading some of the nasty comments I’ve read online these past months, there are a whole lot of idle minds and hands in our City.  The polarization of thinking that’s taking place in our community is just a reflection of what’s happening all across our Nation. I’m finding it’s even splitting up families.

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