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15 N. Ohio Ave-7After arriving at work this morning, I found myself suddenly aware my office was beginning to take on the appearance of dishevelment and wondering why I’d not noticed it until today.  Some have always considered me to be a bit more than picky about how their homes should present themselves for marketing, and there I was this chiding myself for having so subtly allowed my office to turn into a paper filled pigsty. Fortunately I had several free hours to get the bulk of it sorted out by either filing it or sending it to the shredder before my first client arrived.  I guess I’ll have to watch myself more closely so to keep from subconsciously loading up on paper.

It wasn’t but two weeks ago while speaking to a client about the “soul cleansing” that takes place when riding oneself of saved correspondence of every kind.  I shared with him what took place with me about ten years ago when suddenly realizing how many cards, letters, and every other imaginable form of written correspondence I’d neatly packed away in boxes and shelved.  After having read an article at the time about how humans seem to instinctively hoard, I made a point to re-visit those hidden away rows of nearly forgotten boxes and decided enough was enough.  For nearly two months I spent all the free time I had on weekends to take one box at a time and go thru it.  Nearly every box was filled with useless information that created irrelevant flash backs to times and places.  The contents of those dozen or more containers was reduced to but one that wasn’t even half full when I put it back on a shelf.

The point of re-telling my story to him, was meant to share with him how I began to feel about purging my life of paper about halfway thru those boxes.  It was strange how I was beginning to feel myself growing lighter. I couldn’t really put my finger on this “lightness”, but I knew it was there.  I’ll never fully understand if it was my mind or my soul/spirit that was triggering it, but to this day I’ll remember how much better I felt after the bulk of it was gone.  Isn’t it funny how something that’s been kept for years can have an effect on the “now”?  I don’t hesitate to share my story whenever someone in the general public brings up the subject of excess personal baggage.  It was good to see the snow plows out today and scraping off the melting ice from the streets.  Thank heaven it got above freezing so they could do it.  I’m hoping we don’t have anymore weather situations of the likes for the rest of this winter.

You all may think me a broken record for speaking about 15 N. Ohio again tonight, but I did get a generous price reduction on it today.  It’s now at $98,500 along with my scheduling a public open house for it this Saturday afternoon.  You may think me crazy for hosting one on New Year’s Eve day, but what better a reason for some interested buyer to talk about it while waiting for the arrival of 2017?  After clicking on the following link, you’ll agree it was worth my revisiting 15 N. Ohio here in Mason City.

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