Token Poseurs

Token Poseurs-1With this morning being the 1st of December, I decided to arrive earlier than normal and get my Christmas tree put together and up at the front of my office window.  I felt guilty over these past two or three Holiday Seasons for not finding time to get it out and up.  It looks as charming as it did the last time it was stationed in its corner.  I hope I get as many compliments on it this year as I did the last time it was being displayed.  I did have to go out and purchase a new timer after finding the one I had went kaputt on me.  So tomorrow morning, I’ll have it set to go on when it starts getting dark.  I’m hoping some of the other business owners in my block will respond in kind by showing off some of their windows for the Holidays.  I’ve been seeing some massive outdoor decorations so far this year.  It’s always nice to see a little extra light and color during these dark and dreary nights.

Another one of my office listings sold today and I’m exceptionally happy for both the buyer and seller.  Since the seller moved out of State, neither he or myself were looking forward to having a vacant home over the wintertime. As I’ve always said, every home has its buyer no matter what condition or price.  With that said, this home found its match because it really has good bones, but needs some heavy duty cosmetics done to it.  I told the seller back when it was listed that I’d likely be the one to sell it because of how much I really like the exterior style and interior floor plan.  I can’t wait to see it after the major cosmetics are completed.  One must always me careful though, because I’ve seen some unfortunate souls take an old house and try to turn it into something that doesn’t befit its original style.  I’m not a purist, but there must always be caution taken when making drastic improvements.  It’s almost like putting a mini skirt outfit on a 90 year old woman and thinking it’s cute and ending up being in very bad taste. Just remember what I said before, “Every age has its beauty.”  So let’s keep bringing out the beauty in every age of our homes and historic buildings.

My work day began with the most delightful client whom I truly enjoying visiting with because of her great understanding of the whole scheme of it all.  I was even given a homemade sweet treat to boot.  Some people are just plain and simply nice.  Just before I quit for the day, another soon to be client called to let me know his home will soon be ready to list.  He’s another one who’s quite reticent with most, but after you get to know him, he possesses a great wealth of insight regarding the ways of today’s world. Before I hung up I said, “It’s so good to hear another’s opinion on where our society is moving, and know there really are others who feel the same way.

I know I’m being wicked again, but I can’t help but make an observation of my own after my last phone call.  I know I’ve spoken about this before, but I really do grow tired of some of the businesses and financial institutions hiring people and possibly encouraging them to being the sorts of “eye candy” for their older and wealthier customers.  And please, I insist it’s not gender oriented.  I’ve seen both young women and men being overly “pretty” when working with the public.  Just lately I’ve noticed excessive swaggering and flaunting—especially in places where little old ladies and men go on a regular basis.  Believe me, it’s all part of the “hype” in being noticed and remembered.  I have an out-of-office appointment tomorrow where there’ll be several token poseurs.  I promise to be the perfect gentleman and remain silent to it all. Confucius says, “He who says much, speaks little.”

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