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Care About Neighbors-1My trip to the office this morning was a long way round one to check on the Winnebago River in hopes that it was rapidly going down. It’s receding, but not as fast as I would’ve liked. Oh well, at least we’re out of the woods for now with anymore damage done from those two days of rain. I noticed another monster limb had to be cut from an ancient tree next to Dr. Fischer’s old house on East State Street. I’m sure the current residents will have to take the tree completely down due to the amount of damage there was to the main trunk. I’m happy to see the City taking pro-active steps to plant a variety of trees in the parking of many of our streets. I happened to notice several what looked like American Elms. I’ve always liked Elm trees by the way in which they create more of an arched canopy. The one thing I hope the arborist realizes, is that they have to keep removing the lower branches as they’re growing because they like to start reaching out at far too low levels. Speaking of canopies, I’m almost ready to offer my services to the City a few days a month and go from block to block pointing out deficiencies along with recommended steps to take to make our City considered to filled with the most beautiful tree-lined streets. The first order of business would be to remove all the Silver Maples that are growing in our public right-of-ways. Silver Maples belong in country groves where they grow fast and loose lots of branches every time the wind blows. The absolute only reasons people plant them is that they’re either too cheap to buy a slower growing hardier tree, or they want shade in a hurry. I consider their growth rate to be nothing less than a common weed. Green Ash have also never been my favorite, and now look what we have to deal with should the Emerald Ash Borer arrive. Many say they’re not here, but I think they are, and slowly spreading around our City. I’ve seen too many sickly looking Ash trees this past summer which I’ve never see the likes of before. And by the way, there shouldn’t even be trees planted in the public right-of-ways of the two highways running thru Mason City. Between the amount of exhaust that the trees are exposed to during growing season, and the salt that spread on those highways during the winter, retards growth and more sooner than later, they’ll die and have to be removed. Remember, those big eighteen-wheelers splat far.

I was delighted to have as many people at my public open house today at 941 – 11th St. NE. There were several couples that were showing good interest. That home is about as well built as one could ever find. And believe it or not, there was no water in the basement! Most don’t realize what a delightful neighborhood it is with the pool, the park, the elementary school, and east-side shopping not too far off. I’m telling everyone the seller wants it sold before winter, and if I have anything to say about it, it will be. Don’t forget about my public open house tomorrow located at 104 – 11th St. NE. This is another one that’s tailor made for someone wanting style, comfort, and convenience. The neighborhood is absolutely charming along with being part of the Neighborhood Watch Program. It may sound old fashioned, but I do love neighbors that care about neighbors.

Joe Chodur

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