Ten Years Old

Ten Years OldIn between the sprinkles today and while having our little sunbursts, nearly everyone was saying how beautiful the day was. I didn’t get my Saturday mowing chores done because of the grass being so wet, but did manage to finish it later this afternoon.  I have one more mowing and trimming chore to do tomorrow.  It seems if I don’t get them done on the weekend, it becomes difficult to find time during my workweek.  Just these past two days I’ve noticed how the trees are starting to change and the air has been having a slight whisper of Fall in it.

My public open house at 2031 Springview Drive was a success to where I had people coming and going all the way up to 3:00 pm.  Nearly everyone showed interest in it which makes me hopeful we’ll have it sold soon. As I’ve mentioned before, the back sunroom and rear yard is like having nature right at your doorstep.  Main floor condos have been in high demand these past years simply due to many of our residents growing older and not wanting the hassle of yard work and snow shoveling.  One of the couples in attendance were a husband and wife whom I sold them their home 30 years ago.  The husband came up to me and said, “I’m not sure if you remember me or not.”  I smiled and said his name and told him where he lived.  He was the one who said they’ve been in that home for 30 years.  I wonder sometimes where those years have gone.  The market has certainly changed from 30 years ago.  That particular couple had a home in a very nice neighborhood and kept it in near immaculate condition, but the big drawback was the exceptionally tight kitchen and small bedroom sizes.  They built a large family room at the rear of it, but the small kitchen and bedrooms were the sale killers.  I did finally find a buyer who didn’t have a problem with the room sizes.  Her main concern was the safety of the neighborhood due to her being a single parent with small children.  Location was just as important 30 years ago as it is today.  Every time I see one of our “rental barons” buying a home in one of the more sought after districts I cringe with the thought of their being junky cars parked up in the yards and stained sheets or blankets serving as window coverings for the house.  If a Realtor would be doing this it could be considered “blockbusting” which is could lead to the loss of a real estate license, but if the general public does it, it’s not punishable.  Some things really don’t make sense to me at times.

Several days ago I was at an office which I normally don’t frequent and happened to see a woman whom I’d not spoken with for quite some time.  I went over to her desk and took a few moments to play catch up on happenings within her family.  Being acquainted with most of her immediate family, I asked about her parents as well as her brother. She sadly informed me the last one of her children is leaving for college this Fall.  I said, “Don’t worry.  There’s another chapter of your life beginning to open for you.”  I went on to compliment her on her looks as well as her lack of vanity by leaving her hair to turn naturally grey.  She said, “I decided several years ago to stop coloring my hair.” I went on to tell her how much it fits her and reminded her of many of those that came before us who carried their age well.  Before I let her get back to work I said, “Now please remember these words because they’re not mine but were told me when I was in high school by an aged yet wonderful teacher.” I shared the following with her, “Just remember, every age has its beauty as long as you look for it.”  After I shared that reminder with her she said with a sparkle in her eyes, “Yes, and thank you. I will remember those wonderful words.”

The above photo is yet a reminder that all good things come to those who wait.  The seeds you see forming are the first seeds from a plant that’s over ten years old.  Sometimes all good things do come to those who wait.

Joe Chodur

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