Weeds in Cracks

15 N. Ohio Ave-3A nearly perfect Sunday came and went where everyone seemed more grounded.  There were a larger number of strollers and bikers out and about this morning and each time I’d see them it made me smile knowing they weren’t glued to their easy chairs watching TV or entertaining themselves with some form of social media.  I may sound like a bit of a kill joy, but I’m speaking of hard facts.  We have likely three months at most when the cold chill of November is upon us.  All the trees will have lost their leaves, the hard frosts will have turned all that’s now green to shades of gold, brown, and gray.  With that said, I encourage everyone to take as much advantage of the great outdoors while our days are pleasant.  As I’ve said before, “We have six months of some of the most beauteous days in our State, which means we have to double up on enjoying them because we’ll be begging for their return more sooner than later when winter’s cold and dark days arrive. Just talking about it makes me want to go out right now and start doubling up on my own time spent out of doors.

I’ve been noticing lately how a great number of cracked and heaving sidewalks close to the Historic Downtown are getting replaced.  I know it’s an extra financial burden on the  homeowners, but with all things considered, the new sidewalks will add to the safety of pedestrians as well as increase the property values of the home owners who are having them replaced.  It’s always been a detriment to a home’s value whenever trying to market one with bad sidewalks.  Certainly the owners over the years have grown blind to their decaying concrete, and then expect prospective buyers to do the same.  I’ve always been quick to relay to home sellers the negative comments from prospective buyers regarding the condition of their walks and driveways.  Just this year one of my sellers had to give an allowance for a sidewalk in need of replacing due to its condition.  One really big pet peeve of mine is seeing large clumps of weeds growing in the cracks of sidewalks.  I don’t know why homeowners allow it.  Years ago I’d rarely see weeds to such a degree, and especially in areas where there are a number of pedestrians walking on a daily basis.  I’m not sure if our City has any sort of ordinance regarding weeds growing in the cracks of sidewalks.  I noticed one long stretch today that would certainly be hazardous in walking—especially for our elderly. Weed seeds will grow anywhere they can get the least bit of toehold.

The seller of 15 N. Ohio informed me yesterday that she wants her home sold and closed before the cold weather arrives.  I’m a bit disappointed we haven’t had an offer on it yet, but as I know from past transactions, we sometimes have to wait for the buyer to arrive.  With that said, I went over to the home today and took some new photos to share with the general public.  I’m glad I did because the light coming into the home was nearly perfect for taking new ones.  While re-posting them on-line I thought, “I really could live there!”  And of course the nature lover in me would be walking down the back alley and exploring the banks of the Winnebago River. Click on the link below and re-take the 15 N. Ohio tour.   Oh, and by the way,  while on your way to work tomorrow make a point to notice “weeds in cracks”.  You’ll discover you’ve also been turning a blind eye.

15 N. Ohio Mason City

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