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Flavor of the DayThe cooler temperatures have been a welcome relief from past days.  I actually opened the upper transoms at my office so to allow the fresh cool air in.  I’ve always been thankful for having them so to allow air movement through the whole building.  It makes me wonder sometimes how people can be stuck in an office all day breathing re-cycled air.  It’s unfortunate many of the offices and businesses don’t have windows that open to the outside.  I can imagine what happens when their air conditioners go out for an extended number of hours.  There’d be a herd of employees getting pretty hot around their collars looking for ways to break out of their corrals.  I believe we’ve had a number of overly warm days, but I also think the amount of rain we’ve received these days of July far exceeded the average for this month.  I was shocked to hear how so many people had water in their basements after getting that 3 ½ inches this past week.  There was one finished basement that took in quite an amount of water due to a sump pump not being able to keep up with the seepage.  This is one reason I’m not a big fan of overly finished basements to where there’s a large amount of drywall and carpet.  Both of these are like sponges which later creates the issue of mold and mildew if the damage is not remedied quickly.  My favorite type of flooring in basements is the heavier and more durable vinyl that comes in many colors and styles which don’t absorb water.  The number of ever-dry basements in our area are few and far between which should be a signal for everyone to be more careful with their basement build-outs.

I’m hoping tomorrow’s weather is going to be pleasant for the prospective buyers who’ll be out and about looking at homes that will be open.  Our listing at 15 N. Ohio is certainly one that should be given a closer for those home shoppers. As I’ve mentioned before, the unique mid-century design of the main floor offers an exception to the cookie-cutter styles scattered around our City.  With the interest rates so low, it only makes dollar sense for many of our existing tenants to cut themselves loose from the gerbil mill of paying rent every month and not growing their own equity.

From 2:00 PM this afternoon until the time I quit for the day, I would say those hours were filled with much talk about natural settings with several different sellers I was visiting with.  I was greatly impressed how one of the sellers made improvements to her home by creating more of a window to the natural outside world.  I loved hearing the stories of wild turkey, deer, and the timid birds who like to hide in the canopies of the big trees.  I was so captivated by the beauty of it all, my stay was far longer than I’d thought until I looked at my watch while driving away.  There’s no question in my mind the home will sell in a relatively short period of time.  My second appointment took me out to a small acreage which contains a large stand of old growth timber.  The owner being teary-eyed talked about the old grove and all the memories it contained.  Which reaffirmed the fact that we absolutely must work at taking care of our big and beautiful trees.  When listed, I have no doubt it will also sell quickly.  So if someone would ask me what “flavor of the day” my taste preferred this 29th day of July, I’d say it was without a doubt the flavor of nature. Perhaps it was caused by the spirit of my naturalist father whose birthday just happened to be today.

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