Purple Pepper Plant

Purple Pepper PlantAnother beautiful day came early and still going strong.  It’s amazing how more upbeat people are when the weather is pleasant.  I wonder if that’s where the term “fair weather friends” comes from where people are more helpful and outward reaching when the weather inspires such thoughts, but when the days turn gray,  there’s an inward and selfish movement.  I can personally vouch for a few people I’ve known over the years whose personalities change like a chameleon’s skin as the weather around them changes.

In spite of whatever is like outside, there will always be those chronic bellyachers who are absolutely never satisfied.  Several days ago someone was telling me about some of the people in their family who no matter what, always find something to complain about or have some sort of conspiracy boiling just to keep themselves on the radar of attention.  As I’ve said for years, there are those psychological parasites in our society who if they can’t get attention in a good way, they’ll freely rush to the dark side to get it in a bad.  Having been interacting with more of the general public these last six months, I’ve noticed a few more whom I didn’t realize until now existed.  I happen upon one who every time I run into him says something like, “I’m staying neutral with whatever anyone tells me.”  I always walk away thinking, “Ya right! You’ll be back at your wheel of gossip as soon as I’m out of sight.”  When around people that haven’t “fixed” themselves, the best thing to do is say only what needs to be said, and walk away.  Any more said, is nothing less than an exercise in futility.

Today I listed a home located at 103 – 20th St. SE here in Mason City, Iowa which I’ve decided is a rough diamond that only needs a craftsman with vision to turn it into quite the gem.  There are some outstanding features about it which makes it a good candidate for radical cosmetic updates.  First of all, its style is of the Dutch Mansard design which is a rarity in here in our City.  Secondly, it has a very open floor plan which is always popular with today’s buyers. Thirdly, it has a charming open staircase in the front hall.  Last but not least, the main bedroom is larger than normal with a full-sized closet which everyone loves.  The positives about the home is that nearly all the mechanicals have very recently been updated along with there being permanent siding and a newer garage. It’s located on the south side of Mason City where there’s located that wonderful park where many go to get in their daily walks. I just hope there’s a buyer out there who’ll see past the neglected cosmetics and realize the potential for gain in this home.  Click on the link below if you think you’re up for a summer project.

103 – 20th St. SE Mason City

Today one of my dear client/customers was kind enough to give me a very much alive pepper plant.  I was touched by her act of kindness because she remembered me telling her I wasn’t going to have a garden this year due to my heavy work load this summer.  People like her are a rarity in these times to where they not only think of others, but come up with little ways to lessen those disappointments.  I didn’t hesitate to thank her greatly as well as acknowledge her selflessness.  I’m now inspired to keep my gift of a purple pepper plant growing all summer.  The above photo is of my charming PPP.

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