The Timeless Beauty of Brick

703 - 11th St. NE-1With High Summer not so many days away, I’m growing all the more in love with these long sunny hours we’re experiencing.  It’s certainly a welcome relief when remembering those extended dark winter nights we’ve had to endure not so many months ago.  It would be great to be able to cheat winter at least once to where we’d be able to travel to the Southern Hemisphere at near the same latitude south as we are north.  It would be very interesting what effects it would have on the primitive section of our brains.  Would we be overly tired and looking for a dark den in which to hibernate?  Would we be wandering about looking for a place to have an afternoon siesta?  The most interesting, would be our ability or inability to accustom ourselves to the position of the sun.  Keep in mind, if we lived south of the Equator, the shaded north sides of our homes would be reversed to being where the sun would shine the most.  Some proud ones would say, “If the Arctic Terns can accustom themselves to living at opposite poles in a twelve month period, then we can too.”  So much for the pride of our species.

After being out and about in the general public more than normal today, I’ve come to the conclusion many of the men and women of our time have mentally and physically thrown themselves back to the pre-Christian times in Northern Europe where tattoos were part of their cultures.  I read an article some years ago where men and women would tattoo and paint themselves with large cryptic symbols and march off naked into battle with other tribes as well as the Romans who were continuing their push north and eastward into present day northern Germany, Great Britain, and Ireland.  One young man had a huge star tattooed on his elbow that reached downward, upward and around his arm.  There was another who had one on his back that must have been so large it reached high above his collar to the hairline.  Believe me, I really don’t actively look for tattoos on people because I’m noticing them all the more in places that can’t be missed by but even a glance.  I was hoping this “fad” would fade, but it looks like it’s still growing all the stronger along with facial hairs.  Many seem in want to be considered special or unique by the number of permanent drawings on their bodies.  I personally find it quite disgusting.  I once told a young man who has a number of “drawings” whom I know well enough to say, “I’ve always considered the beauty of the human body quite an amazing creation, and if God really believed humans would be all the more beautiful with tattoos, we would have been blessed with them before coming down our chutes.”  I might as well saved my breath to cool the soup!  Oh well, time will tell when they all grow old and find themselves covered with wrinkled skin and fading ink.

I listed one of the most spectacular brick homes today that’ll certainly be “wowed” by anyone who sees it for the first time.  It’s had absolutely everything done to it, and mind you, done well.  I encourage everyone who reads this article to click on the link below and take a look at the photos I posted today.  If a picture speaks a thousand words, then the ones you see speak volumes.  I couldn’t keep myself quiet when listing it because of all its extra features.  The location is perfect for those who enjoy East Park and the swimming pool as well as being a classic that exemplifies the timeless beauty of brick.

703 – 11th St. NE Mason City

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