The Reasons for a Three Season’s

The Reasons for a Three Season'sAlas an extended sale of one of Holtz Realty’s listings came to a soft landing today. I’m exceptionally happy all parties involved walked away with smiles.   I’ve mentioned too many times of which I cannot even count how terribly important it is to have a purchase or sale of likely one of the biggest investments most people make in their lives to be thought of going forward in time with pleasant memories.  Too many forget to step out of themselves and walk in the shoes of buyers and sellers once in a while.  I do everything I can to make time to coach anxious buyers and sellers with the whole process so that they’re prepared for the evolving stages of a given transaction.

There was a buyer I showed a home today who brought up the subject of how she doesn’t care so very much about the visuals of a home, but rather the feeling she gets while inside it as well as walking around the exterior.  Most would’ve considered her a bit strange, but I understand fully how there are properties that just don’t “fit” a particular individual no matter how glamorously it is presented.  I said to her, “Do you have the same reaction when in the company of people?”  “Absolutely!” she said.  I half-jokingly told her she must be of the rare type who has their sensors wide open at all times.  She went on to tell some interesting stories of things that happened when she was growing up as well as most recent events.  I’m confident I’ll be able to find a home for her since she’s fully focused and unwavering in what she believes will be a right fit.  While she was speaking about her youth on the farm, I smiled and said, “You’re preaching to the choir when recalling your hard yet wonderful times.”  The one memory I’d almost forgotten was her speaking about her grandmother refusing to cook on a modern stove and continuing to bake and cook on a wood burning kitchen range. I said, “You just caused me to remember one of my great aunts who always used one of them and seeing her light the stove with a long stick match whenever someone arrived unexpectedly for afternoon tea.  I can vividly remember her big kitchen located in the northeast corner of her home with that monstrous wood burning kitchen range taking up its south wall.  She would never allow anyone to help her even in her ancient age just because she knew it was her home and her way of doing things.   Yes, it was a good showing today and a welcome reminder of the way life was so many years ago where people respected each others ways and were careful not to cross boundaries.

After speaking about my love of kitchen staircases, I was reminded of a photo I took of a three seasons room I fell deeply in “like” with some time ago.  I’m convinced everyone needs to turn down or off their central air units during the summer if able to afford having an exceptionally large three seasons room attached to their homes. They really are the places where hearts are opened and soulful decisions are made. I consider them to be places where one is equally connected to their homes and the natural world around them.  I’m convinced many homeowners and builders have forgotten the reasons for a three season’s room to be part of a family’s home environment.  Let’s all take a step back and consider what’s really important in the design of our homes.

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