Seventh Heaven at 507

507 4th St. SE-1There were certainly a great number of people either playing, relaxing, or working outside today.  Having dressed a bit too warm this morning for this afternoon’s temperatures, I actually became a bit uncomfortable by the heat.  I noticed a few clumps of tulips getting ready to bloom while out and about.  I’m very happy to see all the more people out walking.  It seems as each year passes, there are more deciding get some leisure walking done be it in the morning, during the day, or during the evening hours.  I’m convinced the more safe our Historic Downtown is for walking in the evening hours, the more people we’ll see having their evening stroll.  Believe it or not, many years ago, there were a number of people who lived around the downtown seen freely walking in the commercial district and doing a bit of window shopping while there. I love seeing people freely walking around our downtown.  I read something not long ago where if a city makes their commercial district pedestrian friendly, the more thriving the businesses become.  I’m looking forward to seeing that happen for Mason City’s Historic District.

I mentioned several days ago about several nice homes that would be coming on the market, so now I’m delighted to announce my new listing located at 507 – 4th St. SE.  It is in the ever popular River Heights area where the location alone is a big draw for anyone who’s attracted to well built older homes.  The area is centrally located in Mason City to where you feel as though you’re about half way to either side of the city.  I personally like the location because of the footbridge and the close proximity to the library, museum, Music Man Square, East Park, and our Historic Downtown.  From what I understand, the home had been in one family since it was built and the last remaining family member decided to bequeath it to Epiphany Parish which decided to have it as a priest’s residence for a short time.  During that time they made some exceptional improvements to the home.  Those updates included a new kitchen, updated baths, mechanical updates, thermal windows, and many others too numerous to mention.

The things I like the most about the home is the charming enclosed front porch, the circle floor plan, the open staircase, the rare ½ bath on the main floor, and of course the stunning custom kitchen.  I was quite surprised how tall the ceilings were in the basement considering the era this home was built which gives anyone wanting a finished basement the ceiling height to do it.

Once a very long time ago when I started selling homes in the River Heights area, a wanna-be matriarch of the district said to me, “You just remember Mr. Chodur, you’re not just anybody if you’re living here in River Heights.”  I was a perfect gentleman at the time and nodded an acknowledgment and walked away thinking, “I don’t think you have to be somebody special to live here—it’s just a great place to live.”  Yes, it is a charming neighborhood and the people living there are more than friendly, but I wouldn’t consider the area to be where all the Elitists live. But I will say, “You’ll be in seventh Heaven at 507 – 4th St. SE. if you pull the trigger and buy it before somebody else bags it.

Joe Chodur

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