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Tube TopThe swinging back and forth of the temperatures these past two days leaves us to wonder if we should continue to keep our Winter coats close at hand.  Expecting it to be a continuation of yesterday’s weather, I dressed a bit too lightly and found myself not wanting to be standing outside for very long in the cold wind.  With it being the first of the month again, I found myself again spending time with month-end accounting.   Yes, the paperwork never seems to stay away for very long.

I had a very soulful chat later this morning with a client who’s becoming quite the good friend.  The both of us have been traveling similar roads with recent life experiences. It’s  so good to find a kindred spirit who not only empathizes, but truly understands what similar burdens are all about and how lasting seemingly innocent hurts can cut to the core by those from whom we expected far better.   By sharing little stories of some recent not so nice happenings in her would, helped to remind me that bad things do happen to just about everyone and we must simply work to get through them.  I said, “Some believe me too ridged and overly-conforming, but likely the reason I appear that way is because I don’t like being pulled into other people’s dramas.”   She laughed and said, “Oh yes!  Whenever I see a drama coming my way, I head in the opposite direction.”   Of course I couldn’t help but share my feeling about living and working amongst some I’d really rather not by saying, “I wish the best for everyone, but for those whom I believe not to be good people, I want to stay as far away from me as possible but no farther.”  She thought that to be a good way to avoid unnecessary dealings or confrontations with those who’re always ready to set psychological land mines.  Her appearance today was a welcome respite from yesterday and this morning’s drama that blind-sighted me.  We both reaffirmed our beliefs that no matter how much we try, we’ll never be able to change the spots on a leopard—it’s in their blueprint.

I was called several days ago by buyers to show a home which from the photos posted online appeared to be something they’d be interested in seeing.  From the moment I walked in the front door I thought, “Oh Mercy!  This’ll be a waste of time for the buyers.”  It seemed everywhere I looked there were structural and design issues.  There were sagging floors, crooked doors, cracked walls and ceilings, a dungeon basement, and a myriad of other things that left us all wondering why anyone bothered to spend so much money in updates and not correct the lingering structural and design issues.

There are far to many owners out there with that do-it-yourself mentality and not fully understanding the scope of chronic problems that’ll remain long after their new kitchens and baths are installed and all the decorator colors have been smeared on the walls and woodwork.  The wife said while walking out, “What were they thinking?”  All I could say was, “This house is a classic example of seeing a 90 year old woman wearing a mini skirt and tube top.”  All ages and styles deserve their due respect when presented appropriately.

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