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At the ForefrontI spent some time last evening with a very interesting person I’ve known for a number of years who always seems to look at situations from an angle others don’t and able to shed a different light on some of the simplest of things we take for granted.  I’m convinced genius is born within those who look at the world around us not as it is through our eyes, but as it possibly looks viewing something through the eyes of one who never seems to accept anything at face value.  For example, she happened upon the subject of the forms of meditation which have been performed for centuries but never really considered such.  She went on to say, “Most believe people who pray using prayer beads or rosaries are just repetitively saying the same thing over and over again until their mindless tasks are completed. But what I believe, is that they’re using those beads and mechanical words as likely more their springboards into deeper forms of meditation.”   I was almost left speechless when hearing her comment because I’ve never considered anything different.  She also went on to say, “Some believe the very elderly become more intuitive or psychic as they’re approaching death.  I believe it’s true because they more often have much less interaction with others and are found to be either sleeping, or zoning out with endless blank gazes.  As I see it, they’re making deeper connections with worlds most consider don’t exist.”  “Hmm.”  I said.  “So the next time I’m in a nursing home or around someone very elderly, I should not only be careful with my words, but also my thoughts?”  She laughed and said, “Well, I wouldn’t go to the extent of feeling as though you have to guard your thoughts, but rather be as you are.”  After thinking about our conversation last night, I remembered when over the years while working with people in health care fields having mentioned some of the creepiest and beyond coincidence things that happened while working with the elderly either in hospitals or nursing homes.  I’m sure because of the privacy thing, most wouldn’t want to jeopardize their jobs by telling others what they’ve seen or heard.  I’m certainly glad I had that conversation last evening.  It will get me all the more thinking about alternative possibilities rather than what’s on the thin surfaces of the world around us.

I’m hoping the weather will be pleasant this weekend as I’ll be hosting public open houses on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  If Holtz Realty’s bank of listings continue to sell as they have been, I’ll likely be placing an ad both on-line and in the local newspaper saying, “We need listings!”  There are several more which I’ll be getting listed in the next week or two, but that’s not enough to replenish the number that have recently sold.  I actually crossed paths with a woman today who’s home I drove by last week and thought, “I wonder if they’re ready to sell?”  I said to her today, “I may have a buyer for your house. Are you ready to move?”  She gave me a shocked look and said, “Are you trying to stress me out?”  I said, “No, I think you and your husband should have a chat and decide if it’s time to make the next step up.” I think she finally realized I wasn’t kidding and perhaps she’ll give me a call in the next day or two.  I think the next home to be sold out of my office will be 1057 Park Lane since the mid-century ranches appear to be at the forefront of desired homes this year.

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