DreamcatcherMy public open house this afternoon had enough visitors to where I can comfortably say it was a success.  I’m noticing more younger buyers out these past several weeks and there’ll likely be more.  One of my clients who lives out of State was here this week and in conversation she said, “Why is it there’re not more young people purchasing homes here since the entry level prices are so cheap?”  I said, “It’s the fear factor combined with too many of them living from pay to pay.”  As the years move forward, it amazes me all the more how so many of the young do not create budgets to where they can save enough for at least the downpayment on a home.  One of the arguments I often have with sellers whenever a buyer is asking for help with their closing costs, is that most of the older owners don’t understand that many of our buyers today simply cannot come up with the downpayment and the bank closing costs, so we must then look to the sellers for participation.  Once the sellers understand that it’s factored into the price and they don’t have to write a check out for it, they’re fine.  One of the offers that died in the water this past week had a seller who absolutely refused to participate in helping the buyer with her closing costs which in the end caused the buyer to walk away.

Yeah!  I learned a new word today.  For all the times I’ve seen them, I never knew what they were called until at my open house today.  One of the young families in attendance had a small boy around six who had one of those rope things around his neck with something clipped on it.  I said, “What is that around your neck?”  The little boy shrugged his shoulders so the mother responded, “It’s a lanyard.”  I had to ask her several times to repeat what it was because I’d never heard of its real name.  I said, “I know many of the young in Europe have their cell phones snapped on the end of it.”  The mother replied, “Now that’s an idea because he has a cell phone.”  Oh how our world has changed!  A six year old having a cell phone and likely everyone else in his class, is certainly a sign of our times.  I don’t even want to think of where it’s all going.  Since there is becoming less and less verbalization in communication, perhaps the human race will evolve to where vocal chords no longer exist and communication is simply a thought process that is transmitted to another through a sophisticated computer chip that is implanted at birth.  Sound crazy?  Look what’s happened in just these past twenty short years with computers and they’re continuing to evolve exponentially.  I’m actually in admiration of those few who’ve managed to carry on in today’s world without being tied to a laptop or smartphone.  Believe me, to do that takes guts.

Several weeks ago I thought it time to just rent a movie, curl up in something warm and wind down.  The movie I rented was “Dreamcatcher”.  Oh Mercy!  Did that movie keep me on edge. The most disconcerting part of that movie were the somewhat cloaked yet suggestive lines which made it all the more creepy.  I thought the movie was based more on the American Indian folklore regarding their belief in creating dream catchers to ward off bad dreams and only allow the good dreams through.  Oh was I wrong.  After watching it and thinking about it for a day or two, I’d say the movie is worth watching simply because of those “what if’s” that lurk in the shadows of our minds.  So now you have your choices.  Either watch the movie “Dreamcatcher” or create your own personal dream catcher and see which one has the greatest effect on you.  I’m really looking for a good turnout at tomorrow’s public open house at 216 Meadow Lane.  Wish me well!

Joe Chodur

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