Your Big Splash

Your Big SplashIn spite of the nasty cold this morning, I was able to get a purchase agreement signed on one of my listings as well as run some much needed errands for a client who’s been more homebound during these cold days.  Many of the general public don’t realize how a number of the elderly cannot endure the cold temps as much as the young.  Anyone who is suffering from arthritis or breathing problems know the cold air exacerbates their pain centers.  I truly like doing things for my client when needed simply because of the sincere thanks I get for doing sometimes even the smallest of chores.  It frightens me to consider how many elderly are living alone with only minimal contact from the outside world.  With nearly all of the grocery stores and pharmacies making home deliveries, I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of them don’t even get out of their houses for even the smallest of outings.  If they no longer have driver’s licenses, many consider themselves more of a burden on society and are either fearful or too filled with pride to even ask a friend or relative to take them to church.  I know of a ninety-something woman who has a friend she picks up every Sunday and takes her to their Services.  After I get a few of my pressing projects completed, I’m going to go on a search for someone I can drive to their church every week.  I figure if we can carpool for work, then why can’t we work at carpooling for religious services?  I think it’s a great way to keep those more homebound connected with the outside world—especially regarding places and people of which they’ve been familiar for a long time.  Too many turn away from doing such things simply out of their fear of making commitments which may possibly limit their freedoms.  Too bad for them because out of their guarded freedom grows the ugly heads of selfishness.

I know we’re in the dead of winter and likely not the time when people are thinking about outdoor activities, but I’m still hoping 1008 – 15th Place NE here in Mason City will be sold soon.  Of all the homes that I’ve shown over the years that have in-ground swimming pools, this one is by far the best.  Since I personally know the owners, I can say that swimming pool is in top notch condition and will likely last for many years to come without any major updates or repairs.  How often can you find a private heated swimming pool in Mason City?  Not only is the pool in great condition, the landscaping and exterior amenities contained in the rear yard gives one the “feel” of a real outdoor sanctuary to where one can shed all the stress of a day’s work, change into something comfortable, and sit on the back deck and watch either their spouse or children at play in the pool.  Even the neighbors down the street mentioned in passing how fabulous the back yard is to where they consider it more like a private water park.  With that said, the general buying public will be hard pressed in finding a three bedroom ranch home that’s had all the recent updates imaginable; a huge basement rec room that’s never had water seepage since the home was built, both kitchen and bath upgrades, and conveniently located near Harding School and Highland Golf Park.  All the best of location, quality of upgrades, and exterior features makes this home a shining star of value.  Click on the link below to see this listing and I’m sure you’ll dream about making your big splash.

1008 – 15th Place NE Mason City

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