Today’s Debut of 233 – 7th St. NW

Today's Debut of 233 - 7th St. NWThis morning’s temperature of zero was certainly a reminder we’re still in the midst of winter. With the days growing longer now, at least it gives the sun more time to warm up our days.  It certainly started getting cold again once the sun went down this evening.  One of my clients mentioned this morning that we’ve already had the normal amount of snowfall for a given winter season, so if we continue to get measurable amounts of snow, we’ll likely be faced with some flooding if the Spring thaw comes quickly.  I believe the wild card is the fact that the ground is not yet frozen solid.  This is the first time ever that I’ve been able to get yard signs in the ground without having to use a metal stake to create holes into which I can slide the legs of signs.  With that said, I’ll be watching to see what if any effects this abnormality will have on our growing season this coming Spring and Summer.  Myself, along with many others are beginning to have cabin fever and looking all the more forward to Spring.  As long as we’re finished with February, I’ll willingly endure the endlessly long month of March.

Alas the day arrived to where I was given the opportunity to list a much waited for listing which I’m exceptionally excited about.  It’s today’s debut of 233 – 7th St. NW here in Mason City.  When I previewed it for the first time some months ago, I was absolutely taken aback by the quality of construction, the floor plan, the number of built-ins, and above all, its size.  I’d driven past it numerous times over the years and always thought it to be quite charming in a more diminished elegant way—especially the placement of its windows.  The shock for me, and I’m not normally shocked by homes due to the number I’ve been in over the years, but this one had me fooled.  Never would I have considered it to be as large as it is as well as the brilliant placement of rooms.  My memory kicked in this afternoon while I was posting it online, and remembered seeing it listed in the 1977 edition of “Mason City, Iowa An Architectural Heritage”.  I went looking and found it so I took the above photo of the printed page at the time as well as its short narrative.  In seeing the original owner’s name, caused me to believe it could have been built by a Davey who was one of the owners of the construction company at the time called “Davey and Moen Construction Co.”.  If my memory serves me, I believe they specialized mostly in commercial construction.   Due to the quality of materials used in this home, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the owner/builder was one of the those partners.  It’s classified to be of the Prairie School influence, but after walking through it, I found it having a more Northern European feel.  The den with french doors off the dining room certainly reminds me of a European sunroom.  Keep in mind, Northern Europe experiences longer and more dreary Winter days and certainly in need for more natural light.  As I’ve mentioned before, many of our immigrants who came here from Northern Europe in the late 1800’s brought with them memories of fine homes in their communities, so when they became prosperous, they attempted to copy designs they considered more like home.  I’m confident everyone who views this beauty will be wowed by it, and I’m convinced it’ll be sold more sooner than later because I was actually beginning to be quite comfortable while there. Click on the link below to view.

233 7th St. NW Mason City

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