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37 Oak Drive-5I hope this new year has found everyone happy and healthy after certainly a bit of celebrating last night.  I’ll remain confident there were no unforgivable words or deeds created during the partying.  That’s but one of the reasons I don’t like large gatherings where the alcohol pours freely and the tongues and temperaments start becoming cutting and evil.  I think most of my clients and customers who’ve been at my office know I have a piano towards the back and sometimes have caught me playing it when entering. I don’t play it much—only when I have all my work done or have a few minutes to kill. There was yet another happening which took place yesterday afternoon about 3:30.  I had an appointment at that time for someone to come to my office to go over closing figures on a home.  Since it was about 3:15 and I’d finished all my work, I thought I’d set down to the piano and play a few very old Christmas songs which few have likely heard.  They’re short pieces in a small music book which was gifted to me by one of my sisters.  Inside the front cover she wrote something like, “I hope you can learn a few of these and play them for me the next time I come to visit.”  I think I’ve learned all but a few.  While playing one of them, I noticed in the corner of my eye a man standing inside the front door.  I looked and it was a stranger.  I got up and walked toward him as he kept insisting, “Keep playing. Keep playing.” As I drew closer, I got a very good whiff of alcohol coming from his direction.  It wasn’t just his breath, but likely out of every skin cell.  After he finally accepted “No” for an answer with his insistence of me continuing to play, he walked back to my piano and attempted to play chopsticks.  He was so tight he could barely hit the single keys as I was saying to myself, “I’ve got to get rid of him!”  I finally sat down and played chopsticks for him since he continued to insist.  I got up and said for the umpteenth time, “I’ve got a client coming here any minute.”  He finally walked back to the front door and proceeded to tell me about a piano in the Historic Park Inn.  He was dressed casually in clothes appearing to be name brand while flashing what appeared to be an expensive gold watch, but “Oh WOW” was he inebriated!  He thanked me for playing and finally left just a minute before my client arrived.  I did mention to my client as he walked in that the smell of alcohol wasn’t mine.  He laughed and said, “I was wondering where that smell was coming from.”  I guess the sound of my piano does travel past the door and windows because this is the third time there’s been a stranger walking in wanting to listen while I play.  I really do become quite embarrassed when happenings like these take place.

Well, as I promised last week, I’m now delivering to the open real estate market a home which I believe will sell more sooner than later.  It’s a custom built two story home offering many extras one normally wouldn’t find in its price range.  Just for starters, it’s located close to Mercy Health Campus, it has a fully updated kitchen with appliances included, the bathroom has been extensively updated, there are many built-ins, huge room sizes, gorgeous oak floors, a two stall garage with a 12 x 12 attached storage garage, and much more.  Make sure you click on the link below and view this spotlight I have on 37 Oak Drive.  It is truly an architectural masterpiece.

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