Absolute Drastic Price Reduction

Absolute Drastic Price ReductionThis morning came and went and when arriving back to the office after lunch I asked myself, “What did you get accomplished this morning Mr. Chodur?”  I suddenly realized  after a quick thought that nearly my entire morning was spent responding to e-mails, text messages, and doing research.  What the general public doesn’t realize about being a seasoned Realtor is all the time spent on research and communications.  One of the great minds of Mason City reminded me of this not long ago when I found myself passed over by a seller after he’d gleaned all the facts he needed from me so to sell his home privately.  I know in these times the number of people with such mentality is on the rise.  They want all they can get for free and think nothing about the time and trouble spent by the person providing the information.  I responded by saying, “Well, I guess I have some sort of flashing sign on the back of my head that says, “My services are free”.

On the flip side of this coin I can say there are others who can’t be thankful enough as well as always wanting to pay for the smallest of favors of which I certainly refuse.  I’ve often said whenever freely doing something for someone and they’re wanting to pay me is, “Don’t pay me, just pay it forward with someone else.”  Once again this month I tested myself to see if I was ready to stop sending a birthday card to someone who’s never sent me even a postcard.  I discovered years ago that there are those who’re passive/resistive and others who take more active steps in staying connected.

The passive/resistive people live in their own little bowls and rarely if ever peek over the rims to discover the real world.  They can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk simply because of the deep bowl they’ve created for themselves.  Sometimes it’s only themselves that really matters, while others find their immediate families or supposed loved ones to be all they care about.  Their close circles are usually filled with like-minded people who share similar views of those living outside their bowls.  It’s unfortunate because normally there’s nothing one can do to change their mentalities.

As of 8:00 AM tomorrow morning, 718 East State Street will be reduced in price to $142,500.00 which is a whopping price change from its original asking price.  I’ve scheduled a public open house for it this coming Sunday from 1:00 – 3:00 PM. If I were not as busy with my own J O B, I would purchase that home in a heartbeat.  I know these types of homes because I’ve done restoration work before, and believe me, this home has all the markings of becoming an absolute showplace that will endure for many years to come.  The sheer location and size of its lot should be enough to get nearly anyone to pull the trigger and sign an offer to buy.  The home is of a quality that would likely be cost prohibitive to replicate.  The quarter sawn oak along with the hard maple woodwork is a work of art.  Some think restoration of this magnitude would be daunting.  I believe not, as long as each room is attacked and finished before moving on to the next.  Looking back at a success creates incentive to move forward.  Every time I’m in the home it “speaks” to me of grand past gatherings and cherished memories.  I encourage everyone to stop by Sunday and see this architectural beauty now that its had its absolute drastic price reduction.

Joe Chodur

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