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537 - 3rd St. NESometimes there are days when you feel like the racehorse that was ridden hard and put away wet.  I haven’t yet looked at myself in the mirror, and dare not for fear I likely appear similarly.  What certainly triggered it was having an intervening circumstance to where a piece of necessary office equipment went bad and in attempting to get a replacement, took me back and forth across town several times.  What I’d only expected to be a half hour errand, stripped over two hours out of my day.  By the time I found the place where a replacement was to be had, I walked in expecting there to be yet another problem in getting it replaced.  Luckily the young woman was most accommodating and exceptionally pleasant.   It’s too bad we don’t have more like her in the service industry with the ability to “see” when someone is exceptionally frustrated and able to counter-balance that anxiety by being helpful and just darned nice.   Another more time consuming chore was helping a dear elderly client with his understanding of some real estate documents to where he fully understood what was written.  Legal jargon can be more confusing to the general public than understandable.  Never having realized until years later how easy it is for me to page through certain documents I’ve read numerous times over the years and translate into more understandable descriptions of content.  There are many calls over the months regarding things written that a buyer or seller can’t fully understand.  For the general public, reading some legals texts is almost like attempting to read a foreign language of which they know little. After explaining in a layman’s terms I always say, “Call the attorney who prepared it to confirm your understanding.”  Several hours later, I was able to get back to my office and play catch up on waiting work and get the new piece of equipment up and running.

Likely the highlight of my week will be the home I just listed today which is located at 537 – 3rd St. NE here in Mason City.  The prime feature most home buyers look for in today’s market; this home has.  It’s situated on over a third of an acre.  I’ve know the sellers for a very long time and they’ve decided it’s time to move to a retirement community.  I don’t believe it’s ever been on the market due to it being a generational pass-down.  The current owners have made some tremendous improvements and the one I like the best is the main floor family room they’ve added to the rear.  The home offers newer thermal windows, updated kitchen and bath, newer floor coverings, new high efficiency furnace with central air, huge master bedroom, eat-in kitchen with all the appliances staying, a fenced yard, and a big two car garage with an exceptionally large shop area that’s heated.  The current owner had a successful printing business in that shop for many years.  I could go on and on about all the wonderful features of this home but I believe the photos that I’ve posted will convince the buying public that it’s truly a great bargain.  The homesite is quite close to the downtown as well as East Park.  It’s not a heavily traveled street so it should afford all the privacy anyone could wish for in the city center.  The owners decided to price it competitively because they don’t want it to be on the market very long and they’re not keen on having endless showings.  I know it’s priced to sell and so do they.  Without question, it’s the best home under $60,000.00 on the market today.  Click on the link below and you’ll agree.

537 – 3rd St. NE

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