Third Time’s a Charm

1403 S. Kentucky Ave-18Nearly a perfect day again today once the heavy dew lifted.  I happened to notice quite a few people out working in their yards.  It was likely because it wasn’t so hot nor the sun so intense.  With the high cloud cover, we haven’t been able to get a good view of the full moon these past several days.  I can certainly say there’s been a few whom I’ve encountered these past several days that likely have had a rather negative psychological effect from the full moon.  Some of the clerks at the convenience stores who work the night shifts have said over the years how they can tell when the full moon has arrived due to the shenanigans of people coming into their stores.  What I’ve noticed the most about many in the general public during the time of the full moon is the intensity of their behavior.  It’s not so much as a change in attitudes but more so the escalation of their general demeanor. So when someone is slightly bad, they become really bad.

I had to shake my head and turn away when driving down a street and seeing a grown man out playing in his front yard with some sort of toy while his back yard looked like the rear yard of Sanford and Sons.  I absolutely cannot understand how some people enjoy living in a near constant state of chaos in and around their homes.  I can imagine what his neighbors must think of his childishness.  He actually must be something like an errant boy who plays with his toys and never puts them away.

This year has been for me interesting in the negotiating of sales on my listings.  There’s been a number of them where the first offer ends up being negotiated, while others have had three offers made on them over time to where the third one ends up being negotiated and subsequently closes.  I’ve even been working with a number of buyers who’ve made three offers on different properties until the third one gets accepted.  This must be the year of the triad for buyers as well as sellers.  I have one particular property that’s been listed and we’ve had two offers on it thus far.  I’m hoping the next offer which will be the third will be the one that will get it sold.  Too often there are homes that are under the radar for whatever reason and I’m convinced 1403 S. Kentucky Ave. here in Mason City is one of them.  It’s located just a stone’s throw from Stone Pillar addition which seems to be drawing more and more buyers.  Those homes sell in the area of $250,000 and don’t stay on the market that long.  1403 S. Kentucky is listed about $100,000.00 less and doesn’t have all the plat restrictions that Stone Pillar has.  The home sits on nearly a half acre,  and you can paint the house any color you want, you can put up a fence, and you can even park a motor home behind the garage.  Yes, there are updates that likely today’s buyers would prefer to have, but when you consider the long term benefits of having a well built home situated on a beautiful treed lot with no homeowner’s association breathing down your neck every time you want to make exterior changes makes this home exceptionally well worth it.  Nearly everyone thinks this home is a tri-level, but it’s not.  It is a classic example of a quad-level.  With having a real basement that you can use for storage or extra living area makes it all the more desirable for future expansion if desired.   I’m going to remain confident the next offer is going to sell 1403 S. Kentucky proving that the third time’s a charm.  Click on the link to view this listing.

1403 S. Kentucky Mason City

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