Just another Flyby

Just another FlybySometimes we can’t help but consider fortunate things that happen to be nothing less than Divine intervention.  I have been working through, as well as enduring a very stress-filled problem with a closing that should have taken place weeks ago due to a serious title issue.  The problem was identified and my office along with two attorneys and several other banks have been diligently working at getting it quickly resolved.

Fortunately, I was informed today that the necessary documents are on their way and hopefully the home will close soon.  One thing I really wish the general public along with other agents would realize is that it doesn’t help in the least bit in badgering, getting snippy, placing shotgun blasts of blame on everyone, and lastly, the standing on the sidelines yelling, “You should have, you could have, and I would have!”  Patience, endurance, and a zipped lip is helping me get this to a soft-landed closing.  After it’s all over, I’m thinking about going out into the deepest woods of North Iowa and have a really good scream.  But then perhaps not, for fear of my awakening the dead and likely giving panic attacks to the surrounding birds and animals.  Just thinking about it may be sufficient to get myself back into balance.

I happened to read on the internet news some weeks ago about a man who noticed a drone circling around his backyard where his daughters were sunbathing at their pool.  He felt that his family’s privacy was being invaded so he went into his home, got out his gun and shot the drone out of the sky.  I didn’t read the whole story, but I’m hopeful the general public took his side with his actions.  Privacy is precious and when we have voyeurs and watchers getting their jollies out of peeking at people in private areas and using all the high tech gadgets available, I would say they’re completely wrong.  It’s just another example of whenever something is invented for the purpose of doing good, there is always that undertow of those who live in darkness converting it into a tool for which they can do something socially unacceptable. It’s likely a paparazzi’s new toy.

A friend sent me a video about a year ago of a get together she was in attendance and one of the main attractions was the host showing off his new high tech drone.  Yes, they are becoming quite sophisticated and likely this is only the beginning.  The Federal government and well as the State governing bodies must take a hard look at what can be allowed and what cannot or we’ll likely have people not wanting to even go outside for fear they’re being watched from above.  It is no wonder why many are looking for homes that offer the optimum amount of privacy in their dwellings and the land encompassing them.  It’s too bad so much of the original timberland was destroyed by farmers squeezing out every acre of farmland they could on their farms, for today that timber would be selling for big bucks to people wanting to create private home sites.

I spoke with a gentleman today about some of the real monied people living in North Iowa and the exceptionally private homesites they own.   I think he was a bit shocked when I told him, and after a little discussion, he understood why those homes were built in those specific locations.  On those homesites, I don’t think the owners worry much about looking up in the sky and seeing just another flyby.

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