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Big ItchAs we’re moving closer to the Autumnal Equinox, I’m already beginning to notice the changing in angles of rays of sunshine especially in the mornings and evenings.  For me it’s always been very interesting in how something can take on a whole different look simply because of the direction and intensity of light shining on it.  I began to notice the differences at an early age and thought it to be one of the marvels of living on earth with the changing of the sun’s position as well as our seasons.  I used to think how boring it would be to live in a tropical area near or at the equator where the sun comes up at the same time and goes down at the same time and likely the only thing that changes is the rainy seasons and dry seasons.  We really should consider ourselves fortunate to be living in an area where there are marked differences in our seasons.  Some say they like Fall the best while others are mad about Winter, and then those who always enjoy Spring the best, and lastly yours truly who enjoys Summer most of all.  I’m likely more in love with summertime due to the wonderful mornings and evenings before the heat kicks in, as well as the extended daylight.  Usually by the end of summer after all the work being done to keep grass mown and weeds under control, I’m half wishing for a hard frost to send the greenery back to sleep until the arrival of another Spring.  Truthfully, I would say I’m not wishing for hard frosts these past years simply because of some of the nasty winters we’ve recently had.  All that can now be said, is to enjoy every day to its fullest while the weather is pleasant and the outdoors filled with with life.

One of my dear clients called today who’s been one of my handful of favorites with whom I speak freely.  He asked how my day was going and I couldn’t keep myself from telling him of the most recent thievery that’s been taking place in our city.  He laughed and said, “Don’t you know that for a great many in our world, the idea of something being there, means it’s there to be taken.”  He was poking fun in knowing full well how much I despise thieves in every form.  An out-of-town client spoke of how someone rummaged through her grandparents empty home and even took old black and white photo albums of long deceased relatives.  Anything that could be carried was taken including toiletries and cleaning products.  She was so angry she wished them caught and judged in the Arabic fashion to where the hand that stole was the hand removed.  Many whom I’ve spoken with over the years who’ve been victims of theft nearly all say it felt as though they’d been psychologically violated, and many never really get over that feeling.  I can’t even begin to think of a good excuse for someone to steal in our country in these times.  There are so many charities willing to give to those in need to the point of their overlapping with services.  The double-dipping of charities is the new form of working the system.   Too many of them shouldn’t even be asking for help before they’ve exhausted all avenues of gainful employment.

I happened to run into a woman today whom I’d shown a few homes but stopped due to her inability at the time to get financing.  I asked her how she was doing and she announced to me she and her husband purchased a home because they’d finally found a bank that would finance them. I asked her the address and she told me.  All I could say was, “I wish you all the happiness in your home.”  As I walked away I shook my head and thought, “How could you have been so easily duped to buy that one?”  Being familiar with the home, I can freely say they’d soon discovered after moving in that it barely fit their needs, and certainly won’t as the years move forward.  I guess when a banker says, “You’re pre-approved.”, the buyers then develop a really big itch that must be immediately scratched.  A loan approval for some must be something like winning the lottery.  There really must be some sort of continuing education requirements for homeowners in our great State to ensure they truly understand the meaning of home ownership.

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