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744 - 11th St. NE-1Having not realized there were a number of offices closed today, I was wondering why there wasn’t that much activity in the downtown early this morning. I guess when the 4th of July lands on a weekend, people still believe they need that extra day off. I was glad there wasn’t so much activity as it gave me time to crank back a bit and take my time preparing for morning appointments. Oh how wonderful a day it was today! I received a call from a dear colleague this morning and played catch up on news since we last spoke. She asked what I would be doing on the 4th and I told her I would likely spend some time doing yard work and simply enjoying nature. I spoke about a place not far from here that’s got a very spiritual feel to it and I’ll likely take my camera with me to spend some time at that great natural setting and maybe snap a few photos. I’m convinced there are locations in the world that are either turbo-juiced with either positive or negative energy. Perhaps there is some sort of sub-atomic gravitation of energy to those sites be it good or bad. I’ve heard that places that contain a high degree of the essence of spirituality seem to be able to ward off the negative forces of the world. There have been cities spared from the ruination of wars by some strange and mysterious reasons. There’s always interesting thoughts to consider.

I listed the most charming 2 bedroom home today that’s located quite close to the Aquatic Center as well as East Park. It’s a home that I sold a number of years ago and has certainly changed for the better since I was last in it. There’s been a new kitchen installed with all the appliances included. The kitchen/living area has been opened up with a convenient breakfast bar, the basement has been almost completely finished off with a very large rec room and a ¾ bath that has in-floor heating. Both bedrooms on the main floor are good size, all the windows have been replaced with thermal units, sliding patio doors have been installed so one can easily step out to a large deck. The rear yard is fenced and the garage has a workshop addition which gives all the more room for the little tinkering projects everyone always seems to have. There’s been permanent siding installed and there’s a newer high efficient furnace with central air. Since it’s located on a corner, it gives a feel of there being more light and space than normal. This particular district has been very popular all the years I’ve been selling real estate. There are people that have lived in the same home they purchased many years ago when they were first time buyers and they’re now retired and still living there. It’s also quite close to Harding Elementary which would give a young family all the more reason to buy. As far as future possibilities, the basement rec room is so large that one could partition part of it off and create a 3rd bedroom by installing an egress window. The home is certainly in move-in condition so if there’s anyone kicking around the idea of purchasing their first home, this would be a good fit. Let them be the first to explore 744 – 11th St. NE here in Mason City.

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