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718 E State St-1We’ll likely never want to admit it, but we all do make mistakes more times than any of us want to admit. For me, I’ve found that when either interrupted often while trying to do something that requires full attention or when being rushed is when I’m guilty of being a mistake maker. But, I’m quick to admit my mistakes and waste no time in correcting them. There was an oversight on my part today by not fully completing a worksheet that I sometimes provide sellers. I was terribly embarrassed by not filling in a blank and I can assure you I couldn’t have made a beeline faster back to my office to correct it and e-mail the corrected form to the seller with a sincere apology. It’s funny, how it just happened today after a conversation yesterday with a longtime colleague in which we spoke about so many in today’s work world not wanting to admit fault. I assured him I do make mistakes and admit to them. It’s all part of taking ownership of our failures. Later today, I had a wonderful opportunity to view likely one of the oldest Box Elder trees in Mason City as well a probably one of the oldest Red Cedars. I think my customers thought me a bit possessed by their size as well as mentioning the colorful stories they could tell about what they’ve seen and heard if only they could speak. Trees do have memory. Without a doubt, I’m going to find time to take photos of them and share them with you all. Just now it’s caused me to consider if they’re both trying to outlive each other like some elderly people do.

With Summer upon us, I thought it a good time to speak again about 718 E. State Street here in Mason City. We’ve been getting quite a bit of attention on it but we still don’t have it sold. I have a feeling that now the home is getting de-cluttered, it’s revealing more of it’s original beauty. I’m likely sounding like a salesman when saying this home is one of the rare ones I’ve been in over these long years of marketing homes by saying that it is truly a diamond in need of only a good polishing. The main floor is crying for someone to bring it back to its original glory. Mr. Bogardus who was the architect for this home certainly did his homework on creating a grand yet livable home where space is not wasted, but simply to be used and enjoyed. Someone said once, “How does one keep a large home clean?” I said, “It’s easier than you think because larger homes have more room for placement of furniture wherein the cleaning becomes easier by not having everything pushed together and subsequently having to be cleaned around.” Many homeowners with larger than normal dwellings have agreed with my belief. I remember a number of years ago helping one of my relatives clean her 5,000+ square foot home. It was amazing to find how quickly the work went. As 718 E. State becomes more emptied of years of an elderly person’s accumulation, the more quickly it’s going to sell. I can’t wait to go back and take more photos. After it sells, I’ll be envious, but I promise it to be only in a good way. Homes like 718 absolutely do not come on the market every day and it’s certainly time to say, “Opportunity sometimes knocks but once.” Above all, this home has three of the most important features and they are: location, location, and location. I’m glad I’ve made a return visit to this soon to be sold classic. Click on the link below to view this wonderful family home.

718 E. State St

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