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grove-1There has likely not been a day in some months were I felt like every half hour was filled with appointments or chores. Likely the reason I’m feeling a bit pooped is that I had myself cranked into overdrive and wasted as little time as possible simply to ensure every hour was getting squeezed of optimum output. Still, I look back on the day and wonder why there wasn’t any more accomplished. One little irritating situation happened when I went to show another Realtor’s listing and found that the key didn’t work. It wouldn’t have normally been an upset, but the buyer happened to be from out of town and wanted to see that property in particular. I can’t imagine someone placing a key in a MLE lockbox and not checking to see first if it unlocked the door. Moments like these are very embarrassing for me and angering for the buyers. I guess they don’t mother hen their listings as much as I do or they’re too busy and getting sloppy with their work. Whatever it be, I hope not to have that situation take place any time soon.

Today’s City-wide Open House appeared to be a success as there were more than normal buyers out on tour. We’ll see how many visitors I have at tomorrow’s Open House at 541 – 4th St. SE here in Mason City. Seems there’s more younger buyers looking for older homes that are well maintained. Last year, it was a daunting task to get the inventory of older homes sold. Believe it or not, they’re all sold and now I’m getting more listed. I think many of the young first time buyers are starting to get over the idea of having a more expensive ranch home and instead, comfortably settling on the charm and endurability of well built vintage homes of the early 1900’s. I know it sounds naughty of me in saying, but I think the extra calories burned by going up and down stair steps would be an extra bonus for many of the young who are far to heavy for their ages. The middle-age plump has been cranked back to create pudgies in their mid to early twenties. I do hope they can get their weight under better control before it starts creating earlier than normal health problems. A learned person in the medical field said recently that the next big plague for Americans will be Diabetes. Some families seem to be more genetically prone to it which becomes exacerbated by being far too overweight.

Since the weather has warmed and more people are dressing for summer, I really got an eye-full at a fast food restaurant when taking one of my favorite elderly clients out late this afternoon for a bite. Oh Mercy! I’ve discovered they are now selling Leg-ins that look like jeans and hug the skin tightly. I can’t imagine what goes on in the minds of some women who wear those and have what appears nothing on underneath. The men are back at it with their drop-crotch jeans and sweats. Without a doubt, they’re now getting down past bubble bumps. Walking like Penguins looking like their pants are full is really not a pleasant sight. And finally, in seeing an over abundance of tattoos these days, I’m convinced a great portion of our society is addicted to tattoos. I even noticed a man this afternoon with what looked like a black tear drop tattooed under his eye. That must have been exceptionally painful when inked since that area is considered part of the triangle of super pain sensitivity. I wonder what must many of the innocent kids think of their parents’ body graffiti. Living Circusy lives in the thickets I’d suppose.

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