A $27,000.00 Price Reduction Today

760 Briarstone Dr new-2Since some lucky home owner hasn’t yet discovered the exceptional value of 760 Briarstone Drive, the sellers have decided to lower the price to an even more lucrative price range where it’s becoming almost too good to be true. Where can anyone get a home which is now priced at $448,000.00 that costs over $800,000.00 to build in 1989? The quality of construction is beyond imagine, the floor plan is exceptional, and the views overlooking Briarstone Lake are sublime.

I just did the inflation calculator in determining the purchasing power of the dollar in 1989 versus what it would buy in 2015. To my shock, I discovered that if the home cost exactly $800,000.00 to build in 1989, it would now in 2015, cost somewhere in the close neighborhood of $1,560,000.00 to construct simply due to the rate of inflation over these years. Inflation rates are not that noticeable from year to year, but when you go back to 1989 prices, you see the really big picture in how our dollar doesn’t buy as much as we think compared to the late 1980’s. I knew it would have cost much more to build today, but I didn’t think it would be double the price.

Please click on the link below and get the real picture of this beautiful home’s value.

760 Briarstone Dr Mason City

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