Soft Landings

SEA_3230Every so often there are circumstances within real estate transactions that come about where either a buyer or seller is not very happy about a situation that was either not clearly explained or there was an oversight of something that was assumed to be true.

Whenever I personally have a client or customer who’s upset over a minor detail, I normally get it remedied as quickly and quietly as possible. I can’t begin remember how many times I’ve had lawns mowed and walks shoveled because a seller neglected to have arrangements made. I don’t like having buyers struggling to get moved in and having to deal with an over-grown lawn or un-shoveled sidewalks.

I should have purchased stock in light bulb companies due to the number of burned out light bulbs I’ve replaced in vacant homes. Smoke alarm and furnace thermostat batteries are something I normally have on hand at all times.

I remember one transaction where a seller insisted on being compensated for something minor that was not supposed to be included in the sale price yet the buyer refused to pay simply due to principal. He was under the understanding that he didn’t have to pay so even if it meant not purchasing the property, he was NOT going to pay for it.

I tried to talk sense into the seller but wouldn’t budge because he had his mind made up. Finally I said to him, “I will pay for it as long as you don’t tell the buyer that I did and leave him to believe you made the concession.” He agreed and we managed to get the property sold and closed. Everyone was happy and to this day that buyer doesn’t know I was the one who paid for that very minor concession.

Sometimes when emotions are high during times of selling or buying, clients and customers get highly charged and the results are not pretty. I will never forget the time another Realtor did her final walk-thru prior to closing on a home I had listed. The agent called me from the home and said, “That wall lamp that was in the kitchen is missing.” I couldn’t believe my seller unscrewed that wall lamp and took it. I called the seller and she went absolutely ballistic on me saying I was told that lamp didn’t stay when I listed her home. Well, I knew for a fact she didn’t because I always make notes of items that don’t stay and there was no note. That seller screamed at me so loud on the phone I had an ear ache for weeks after. After I got off the phone I called the agent and told her to have her buyer go out and purchase something similar and I would pay for it.

A week ago I had situation where the garage transmitter was not to be found. After searching hi and low in the home I finally decided it must have ended up in the trash. I mentioned something to the person handling the sale and he said to just go ahead and purchase one and he would pay for it. I flatly told him no because I was the one who said there was one there so I would take care of replacing it.

For a number of years I did estate work for an attorney who is now retired. I went to him about some small issue that likely cost about $50.00 to fix and I noticed he was a bit bristled by my going to him about it. Upon leaving he told me something I never forgot and it was, “Mr. Chodur. Don’t sweat the little problems because you’re the one that can keep the little problems little.” To this day I work to keep the landings soft.

Joe Chodur

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