Enough is Never Enough

Lao-TzuOne of the anomalies of these past 10 years that I’ve found quite interesting is that people are becoming hoarders. When I use the term hoarders I mean it in a broad sense. To begin with, whenever you’re driving around the city in this time when there are no leaves on the trees and shrubs, you’ll notice far more “stuff” around homes and garages. Many of the garages with doors open, seem to be bulging at the seams.

I get more and more calls from people looking for small buildings or garage spaces for rent. They need more places to store their on-going collection of what I consider junk. I’m finding more and more people hoarding assets. I know far too many who make use of every opportunity to use the system to save a dollar or two. I’ve even seen people who I personally know with ample assets walking into the community kitchen for a free lunch.

Another group of people that are at it with the hoarding are those who are purchasing one after another of buildings and homes. As far as I’m concerned, many of them take minimal care of what they own yet are out buying more. Someone once told me that these people the entrepreneurs of the future. I disagree. I find the mindset of hoarding more of a sickness. There are far too many State and Federal employees who are long past their normal retirement years and still they continue to pile away their paychecks as their government retirement funds bloat.  Has anyone ever challenged any of these people as to why they continue to take from society and seemingly never give back?

And lastly, there are even a growing number of people with vast knowledge who refuse to share that knowledge freely. There have been times when I’ve asked someone of great knowledge a question on a subject and the answer was far too cloudy and guarded to understand. I found myself having to do my own research to get a clear answer. Many times these recent years, I’ve encouraged people to lighten their loads and free themselves of all the excess baggage so they can give themselves room to breathe so they can at least have an opportunity to re-discover themselves. Look to yourselves and around you and see if you are in the mindset of those who believe that enough is never enough.

Joe Chodur

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